Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Online Free

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Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Online Free

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Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Online Free - Star Power Mayweather vs Ortiz Online Video - Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be fighting again, after 16 months of relaxation and part time training in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will be up against another American fighter with Hispanic blood and surname, Victor Ortiz, who is the current holder of the WBC Welterweight World Boxing championship Belt. The fight will be held on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. This WBC Welterweight World Boxing championship fight where Mayweather will try to grab the championship belt from the current holder, Victor Ortiz will again be covered live by HBO Pay Per View. The Mayweather vs Ortiz fight will surely be a fight to remember.

Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Streaming Video - Victor Ortiz, the current holder of the WBO World Boxing Welterweight belt hails from Oxnard, California. He has a record of 29 wins, 2 defeats and 2 draws, with 22 of his wins coming by knockouts. At 5 feet and 9 inches, he is a classy puncher with powerful jabs and solid hooks that has been his trademark in flooring his 22 challengers. He promises a good fight with Mayweather and hopes that Mayweather would do the same by not avoiding him and get on with a toe - to -toe boxing for the benefit of the boxing world wathcing their fight. So don't forget to watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Online free.

Floyd Mayweather is the former pound for pound boxing champion who was dislodged by Manny Pacquiao from his pedestal. He has a pre-fight record of 41 wins, 0 defeat and 0 draw. 25 of his wins came by way of knockout. Standing at 5 feet and 8 inches, he is one inch shorter than Victor Ortiz. While Victor Ortiz is known as Victor "Vicious" Ortiz, Mayweather is known as Floyd "Money" Mayweather. To some extent, Floyd Mayweather has some sort of advantage since the fight will be held at MGM in Las Vegas Nevada, where Mayweather also has his home. You can watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight live stream on this site on the big day.

Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Stream - Since nearly most of us knows Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Let me share with you how Victor "Vicious" Ortiz fought the former WBC World Welterweight champion Andre Berto last April 16, 2011 and won the crown where he would now be facing Floyd "Money Mayweather as challenger. Victor Ortiz fought Andre Berto at the Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket. Actually, the fight was so good, it became the first pick for the fight of the year, where Ortiz won the fight over Berto. Both fighters went all the way to fight and both hitting the canvass twice. Ortiz and Berto showed a lot of heart and aggressiveness but in the end, Berto seemed to lose steam while Ortiz keeps on going. In the end, the judges scored a unanimous decision for the new WBC World Welterweight champion.