Let’s Go Fishin’: Salmon season starts on the right fin
The salmon season started April 5 with great anticipation. Anglers were not sure what to expect with rumors of fish and baitfish in the bay, but no positive reports. By 7:30 a.m. on Saturday openin...
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Talk about money: Property values and the Scotts Valley Middle School bond
Scotts Valley wants a new middle school, and property owners are being asked to pay for it with a ballot measure in June. I have a son attending the middle school now, but he’ll be long gone by the...
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The Mountain Gardener: Perennial gardens keep a yard vibrant all year long
When I visit my best friend's house, I park next to the perennial border that lines her driveway. At any given time of year, there is something blooming — flowers filling the air with fragrance and...
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Plain talk about food: My Easter hat and an orange marmalade-glazed ham
It was Easter Sunday. I was 17 years old. I had a new hat and I was about to go to hell, of that I was certain. We girls from the convent were encouraged by the nuns to visit any family we might ha...
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Your Health: E-cigarettes can be highly addictive and harmful, too
There’s been much in the news recently about e-cigarettes. The Santa Cruz City Council has just voted to update the city’s tobacco related ordinances which would ban the use of e-cigarettes where s...
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Let’s go fishin’: Abalone seasons opens with new regulations
April 1 brought a new season to harvest abalone in California. This comes as no April fools joke; the season is serious for sport fishing. There is no commercial harvest allowed for any abalone in ...
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The Mountain Gardener: Beautiful plants don’t always need much water
by Jan Nelson
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There are so many great plants that don't require a lot of water to look beautiful. It's always a plus if they attract hummingbirds and other wildlife. Some favorites are so reliable that we consid...
The wonderful life of Florence Kuo
by Sandi Olson
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There are some people you meet in life who you know are special right away. Florence Kuo, a registered nurse, was one of these people. I met Kuo many years ago at La Madrona Athletic Club. Not only...
Mindfulness matters in life, yoga
by Shannon McQuaide
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We human beings spend a great deal of time seeking happiness and avoiding distress; we do this as a constructive means of handling the inherent ambiguities of human life. Contemplative practices li...
Your Health: Cancer treatment and prevention
by Terry Hollenbeck, M.D.
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In previous articles (February 28 and March 14) I described cancer in general terms and then discussed specific common cancers. Now I would like to describe various cancer treatments available and ...
Healthy Living: Nutrient shakes - A healthy option when time is not on your side
by Julia Blanton
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A healthy diet should consist primarily of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods, yet there are times when work, soccer games and travel can get in the way of this ideal. If you’re caught in this dilemma...
The Mountain Gardener: Spring to-do’s for a beautiful garden
by Jan Nelson
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You know spring is here when bleeding hearts and tulips are in full bloom; when baseball season begins and song birds start their families. Can you imagine our ground frozen 30 inches down like it ...