5th District race headed to November election
by Joe Shreve
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Bruce McPherson
Bruce McPherson
Eric Hammer
Eric Hammer
It’s official: Bruce McPherson and Eric Hammer are heading to a runoff election in November.

Votes from the June 5 primary were fully counted by July 3, leading to the runoff in the 5th District supervisorial race.

McPherson, the former California Secretary of State, led the four-candidate field but was unable to garner the 50 percent-plus-one vote majority needed to win outright. He received 49.33 percent of the 14,268 votes cast.

Hammer, a Boulder Creek resident and building contractor, was second with 37.95 percent of the votes, followed by Lompico resident Bill Smallman, who had 6.48 percent. Susan Weber, whose name remained on the ballot even though she withdrew from the race in March, tallied 5.63 percent.

“Anybody will tell you they would have loved to get a majority in June,” McPherson said. “But I’m used to this — having a primary and runoff is nothing new to me.”

McPherson acknowledged that while would have preferred to avoid a runoff, he was positive that he had the support to win in the general election. He said he received endorsements from both Weber and Smallman.

“It’s just going to be a more pointed campaign when it’s one on one,” he said. “When four people are on the ballot and someone who’s dropped out gets more than 5 percent (of the vote), it’s hard to get a majority.”

Hammer said he was looking forward to November. He said strong community support and his connection to the area helped him force a runoff with McPherson.

“With the amount of money that (McPherson) made and the name recognition that he had, it tells a lot about who I am,” Hammer said. “I’m raising a family in this community — that’s who I am.”

Hammer expressed confidence that the greater voter turnout expected for the general election, combined with his message, would propel him to a win in the runoff.

“I feel like I have a fantastic chance to win in November,” he said.

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August 12, 2012
Bruce has been around for 30 years.....he has the experience, leadership and understands Santa Cruz County......politics is no small place for the up and coming.......it's a business that takes many years of trials and tribulations.........you don't just hand the keys to a young person because they are young..........why do you think the Republicans have failed at the Federal Level (president only)......they are winning the house which is key since it control the $$$$$.

Bottom line.....Bruce is the experience leader we need not some overweight hippy with out of touch goals.
yeah right.....
July 13, 2012
Friggen Small Man is a TRAITOR to the SLV, siding with McPherson....
u b small
July 18, 2012
It's not a crime to support the better man.
Bonnie Moss
July 19, 2012
Someone is a "traitor" to the SLV because they support someone other than your candidate? How pathetic is that?

People should have to pass a basic competency test in order to vote. Let alone run for office.
round 2
July 19, 2012
So on that theory why is Smallman the traitor if Susan has also endorsed Bruce.
Louisa Parks
July 19, 2012
The people I admire have endorsed Bruce. Some people that I have found duplicitous in their dealing with valley issues are supporting Hammer.

More and more people are going to come out supporting Bruce, because, well, there really is not other option.

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