Letter: Nothing wrong with leaf blowers
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Well, it was bound to happen. Leaf blowers are the new evil. What next? Playful children, dogs barking, spray gun machines, chainsaws, power washers, crows, motorcycles on residential streets, lawn mowers, air guns? Can you imagine what gardeners will charge if they have to take the time to rake or sweep? What about us retirees who love to maintain our homes but, because of “old bones,” cannot rake like we used to? We have pride in our homes, and the sound of a leaf blower is a positive. Get real.

Carol Schwartz, Scotts Valley

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Ben Barber
February 13, 2013
I have a leaf blower and use it just about every weekend as I live under pine, fir, and redwood trees. The thing works great. I even walk up and down the street and clean my neighbor's driveways and in front of their houses. They are appreciative of the nice looking street and when they blow my driveway I appreciate them.

Some people are just sour about everything and have nothing better to do than complain. Get a life!
February 03, 2013
I hate the sound of those leave blowers, it's very annoying. Can't they put a muffler on it or make it quiet? We have those in my neighborhood and most of the time they're blowing a perfectly clean street with no leaves. And what's wrong with leaves anyway? Are leaves the new evil? And yes, dog barking is annoying too. I hate being woke up early or in the middle of the night by annoying dog barking. People need proper sleep for good health. You're affecting other people's health by robbing them of sleep.

other options
February 02, 2013
"What about us retirees who love to maintain our homes but, because of “old bones,” cannot rake like we used to?"

Hire the neighborhood kid's to do the work. I remember cutting grass, raking, and bagging all the debris for many years as a kid...there were no leaf blowers then and we all survived.

Or, you could just remove all the trees...
Leaf me alone
February 05, 2013
Y'all complainin bout' an occasional blower, huh?

I got a retiree next door that has LBD... Leaf Blower Disease, an' she ain't got nuthin' better to do than blow wet leaves in the rain. Not to mention other people's properties when they are not home, if she thinks she can get away with it.

Why do people move to wildlands areas if their leaf paranoid??? Move away, back to the burbs!

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