Letter: Poor choice of fundraiser
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Am I the only one bothered by this? A group of San Lorenzo Valley High School parents want to support a “Safe and Sober” grad night, so they decide to raise money by having a wine and chocolate tasting. And this is not the first year they are raising money for an alcohol-free event by serving alcohol at the fundraiser.

As a parent of two former teenagers and a recovering alcoholic myself (I have over four years of sobriety now), this concerns me very much. Children (even teenagers) learn by what their parents do, not so much what they say. I think this fundraiser sends a poor message: We cannot have fun or raise money without alcohol.

I think, personally, the mountain air and redwood trees are more intoxicating, in a positive way, than any alcoholic drink, and surely there are many ways to raise money without setting a bad example for our children by serving alcohol.

There are places and events where serving alcohol to adults is appropriate and fine. But I don't think a fundraiser for a safe and sober grad night is one of those places.

Michele Price,

Boulder Creek and Palo Alto

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Sarah Williams
March 10, 2013
And not to be over looked are the people who put forth so much of their time and energy into putting on such a wonderful event! It took a lot of help to make this a successful event! And we still need volunteers for the main event on Grad Night!

Have a better idea? Want to help...encourage you to come to one of the Grad Night Meetings with your ideas and your time. We could use the help, not just the criticism.
March 28, 2013
First of all Sarah...I and others who are afraid to write in due to critical remarks like yours..agree with the writer

You missed the point which is that IT IS A MIXED MESSAGE to hold an alcohol based fundraiser when at th

e same time you are trying to send an anti alcohol message to teengers..
March 09, 2013
Michele : I do understand your concerns, and congratulate you on being clean & sober for so long. However, if you read this week's Press Banner, you will find directly across the page to your comment are 2 more fundraisers coming up for Grad Night; one at Bruno's and one at Scopazzi's. Businesses and residents all over this wonderful valley of ours dedicate their time and dollars to give the grads a safe place for grad night. It is for a very good cause. We have had some brutal deaths of students in our valley from alcohol abuse in years past, and this is a great alternative for the responsible graduates.

Once again, congratulations to you for turning your life around but not only that, for such a sincere concern over the welfare of the students. After living in this lovely valley for 26 years, I have seen so many people care for those in need, and parents watch over & protect our children, and this is a very innovative way to keep them safe that night. This valley is full of wonderful, caring people who find a way to help their brothers and sisters in need. We are all very blessed to live here.
March 09, 2013
The writer is certainly entitled to her opinion but I question why the Press Banner would give more of their very limited space to this critic than to the dozens of parents who are trying to promote this event? Incidentally it is Sat 2-5pm at Bruno's in Scotts Valley and if you want you can skip the wine altogether!
Richard Cella
March 08, 2013
Mr. Price,

Don't like it, think it sends the wrong message? No problem, don't go. Please send a check though. I will. They could use the money to help the kids party dry.
Kevin Newberry
March 08, 2013
This is absolutely ridiculous. So whats next, no bake sale cause it sends the wrong message to kids that sweets make you fat. Get real. I am proud to have been involved with this great event and look forward to seeing many more of these. This is by far the biggest fundraiser for the Grad Night commitee. Grad Night costs about 35k to put on and the Wine and Chocolate brings in about 9k. What would you rather have no Grad Night and the kids partying it up and driving drunk. Not me.

Jill C
March 08, 2013
This is , of course, a fund-raiser for parents and other adults: students are not invited. Grad Night costs a tremendous amount of money, and there is an ongoing fundraising effort all year long to provide our graduating students with a fun and safe party for that special day. It has to be a fairly elaborate and special (therefore expensive) event to draw the students away from less safe alcohol-fueled parties.

I have been involved with many school fund-raisers, and believe me, it is hard to raise large sums.

In previous years, Grad Night’s principal fund-raiser has been a casino night, again, an event for adults only. Our main fund-raiser for the athletics program is Monday night Bingo. Adults only. Bake sales just don’t cut it.

I do know that alcohol abuse in teens is a big problem, and appreciate the irony you point out. However, the Wine and Chocolate event is an afternoon wine-tasting, not an invitation to excess.
Have a beer
March 07, 2013
Have a beer and relax don't be a quitter
Sofinizba Lopez
March 07, 2013
When did alcohol become a bad thing for adults? I think you are being overly sensitive having been an alcoholic Mr Price. I think you are reading too much into this situation.

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