Letter: Prioritizing the needs of the few creates injustice
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Turn on the five o’clock news on any television set in any country and the major cause of our planet’s environmental destruction appears! War — between individuals, religions, states, and nations, with most having no idea of the cause — even the politicians.

But Charles Darwin observed the root cause of this and set it to words in his “The Origin of Species.”

He wrote that more plants and animals are born than can possibly survive. Built into each is the need to gain an advantage over others and survive.

The individual or group that pursues this to the maximum stands above the others and usually justice is left behind.

Injustice over time and usually over large populations results in revolt and the need of the few to always find more powerful and destructive means to stay on top.

Educate the world on how this works and push resolution of our built-in bias to destroy.

Ben Nevis, Scotts Valley

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