Letter: SLVWD rate increase reliant on customers to cover financial irresponsibility
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I would like to comment on the letter signed by John Fasolas (letters, Oct. 4, page 4) which sounded remarkably like a testimonial from the office of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

The reasons stated in his letter for the current proposed rate increase are almost like a carbon copy of the ones given in 2009: Upgrading of aging facilities, preparedness for inevitable emergencies, support of “proper management” of the watershed and fishery and education.

A large number of residents voted against the 33 percent increase in 2009 (over three years compounded).

It went through nevertheless as there were not enough acceptable letters of protest received.

As well as the reasons given above for the increase, the district states that this revenue (and past) is primarily for the operation and maintenance of the district’s water system.

Over the past five years, the district has acquired the Felton system and probably will acquire the Lompico system as well.

We, in SLV, were told that such acquisitions would not be a reason to increase our rates.

Maintenance and management are on going expenses for any public organization and it is obvious that the budget that they provide is not adhered to as they never seem to catch up after all these years of collecting and increasing our rates as well as receiving interest on the sale of the Waterman Gap Property.

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that there leaves a lot to be desired on the management of this Water District’s finances and it is not unreasonable for the residents of this valley to be given a detailed accounting of exactly what is being done with the money.

I trust that the rate payers will make it their business to raise these questions and demand answers.

Phyllis Bartoletti, Ben Lomond
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