Letter: Scotts Valley developments aiding water conservation efforts
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Pointing fingers is not a good strategy for SLV Water Board Member Randall Brown.

I was surprised and a bit put off at Mr. Brown’s comments (Letter: “Unchecked Scotts Valley Development could lead to water crisis for both valleys,” Feb. 28, page 6).

I do not know Mr. Brown and I can only assume he has the best interests of the valleys in mind, but calling out other cities and districts in a public newspaper is hardly a collaborative effort in working together to secure a good water supply for both districts and both valleys.

The title of Mr. Brown’s letter is so far from fact that it is scary. Here are the facts about the three current developments in Scotts Valley:

Fact 1: Two of the three new projects are redevelopment sites meaning there was a building or development there before, using water already.

Fact 2: All developments went through a multi-year environmental impact report where public comment was given and water resources were considered.

Fact 3: The Woodside Project on Scotts Valley Drive, with a state-of-the-art water recharge facility on site, created a net increase in water recharge, meaning the site will add more water to the aquifer than it uses.

All developments have or will have new water recharge standards and will increase water recharge on each site into our aquifer.

Fact 4: Through the City-adopted Green Building Regulations, conservation and recycled water use, the Scotts Valley Water District uses approximately 25 percent less water then it did a decade ago.

The Scotts Valley Water District and the City of Scotts Valley have been very proactive to increase water supply and lower water use. Our joint venture of the Recycled Water Treatment Facility, the first and only one in the County, provides clean water for landscaping throughout the City and enough left over to help Santa Cruz by providing water in the future to Pasatiempo Golf Course.

I am very proud of the great relationship the City and Scotts Valley Water District has.

The Scotts Valley Water District is focused on water and its customers, not new building, double digit rate increases or pointing fingers at other for their problems.

Let us work together and progressively to provide good, safe, clean water for our future.

Dene Bustichi, Vice Mayor, City of Scotts Valley

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