Letter: Vice mayor's talking points about water usage are smoke and mirrors
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I don't know Dene Bustichi, but I was more than a bit put off by the nasty tone of his response (“Scotts Valley developments aiding water conservation efforts,” March 7, page 6) to San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director Randall Brown's letter in the February 28 Press-Banner.

In his letter Brown, the author of a history of efforts to secure safe, reliable supplies of water for the San Lorenzo Valley, expressed concern that “as we anticipate a drought of record proportion, it is impossible not to feel concerned over new demands on our already stressed water supply,” alluding to several large ongoing and projected residential and commercial developments in Scotts Valley. Noting that "faced with similar shortages in the 1970s following an unrestrained housing boom in the '60s, our district provided a measure of relief to existing consumers by imposing a moratorium on new hook-ups" he then suggested that "perhaps it would be wise for the Scotts Valley Water District to consider enacting a similar measure."

Bustichi responded to Brown's suggestion by impugning his character and then continues with a list of carefully selected talking points ("facts") designed to cast himself and his associates in the most flattering possible light before concluding with a final, rather defensive sideswipe at "Bad Neighbor With a Bad Attitude" Brown: "The Scotts Valley Water District is focused on water and its customers, not new building, double digit rate increases or pointing fingers at others for their problems."

I'm fairly new to the area, having moved here from the East Bay just four and a half years ago. But I've been on the planet plenty long enough to have no trouble distinguishing between someone who knows the difference between real facts and talking points and is trying his best to give it to you straight and a dime store politician who's doing a remarkably good job of re-enacting the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Toto, God bless 'em, pulls aside that curtain to reveal a small man desperately trying to convince everyone that he's something he's not.

Seth Knoepler, Felton


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March 19, 2014
Mr. Knoepler, I read Vice Mayor Bustichi's letter three times and did not have the take away you did. His letter wasn't of a "nasty tone", nor was he "impugning" anyone's character.

Since you are admittedly "fairly new to the area" and "don’t know Dene Bustichi" perhaps your first course of action should have been to contact him and have a conversation with him before you attack someone’s character.

Just a thought...

I know Bustichi
March 19, 2014
Dear SVLisa,

Your comments imply that Dene Bustichi's character has been impugned by comments published in this blog. Nothing could be further from the truth. To impugn his character the comments would have to be wrong which clearly they are not. I do know and have known Dene Bustichi for many years and I know him as both a bully and a mean spirited politician who will do or say almost anything to get his way. Scotts Valley deserves better.
March 20, 2014
Dene Bustichi is only interested in Dene Bustichi.

He is a bully and mean. If it will make him money or give him more power he will vote for it. Why does he not have to pay his property taxes like everyone else.

Next time he is up for a election it is time to vote for someone else.
March 17, 2014
Excellent analogy, Seth Knoepler! Vice Mayor Bustichi and his associates on the council seem to grasp no more about city planning than can be figured with a calculator limited to addition and subtraction. I don't think urban land use models come into play with this B Team. I'm no education snob but I find it telling that Councilwoman Aguilar has more college degrees than the other four combined. Experience counts but a little system-level thinking cultivated through academia doesn't hurt.
Vice Mayor
March 14, 2014
Is it any surprise that our Vice Mayor sees little down side to the new development in Scotts Valley since he is also the owner of Bustichi Development. Interesting fact about our Vice Mayor: Although he seems to believe that almost all development in Scotts Valley is good he apparently has a different take on the payment of property takes. According to County of Santa Cruz Property Tax Web Site http://ttc.co.santa-cruz.ca.us/Taxbills/TaxBills the Vice Mayor apparently doesn't believe in paying his Scotts Valley Property Taxes. His business property parcel# 022-491-15 for 4652 SCOTTS VALLEY DR, SCOTTS VALLEY is currently in default by $13,387.44 from April of last year. Probably not the best example to set for the Vice Mayor.

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