Letter: Water district rate increases unfair
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The Scotts Valley Water District is again proposing rate increases on the basis of inflation. They utilize a computer program to project inflation to their costs. Since it is not likely a majority of rate payers will submit written protests, they are legally able to repeatedly secure rate increases by erroneously projecting inflation into costs. The district is legally able to refuse to release a report that reflects mismanagement on the basis that it regards personnel matters. The legal basis for these actions does not justify the unfair and unreasonable treatment of the rate payers, especially since the district rates are exceptionally high and out of proportion with other local agencies. I am hopeful the Scotts Valley Banner will publish this letter and further investigate the matter. Thank you for your attention to this request.

John J Crivello Sr., Scotts Valley

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limits yes
December 12, 2012
And for the city council too, get these lifers outta there.
yea baby
December 14, 2012
yea that angular chick has been there likei in for ever
Zelda V
November 18, 2012
Term limits for water board members. What a concept. Could you imagine how effective SLV Water District would be if the old guard were termed out years ago.

big drip
November 17, 2012
this letter is write mom the money i hope the banner dose there job as well perhaps term limits would be a good start for water board members

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