Letter: We’d Vote For Public Water Again
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To the editor:

In 2005, Felton passed a bond for local control of their water with 74.8 percent of the voters approving. We in Felton would definitely make the same decision again. To see the video about Felton made by Monterey citizens "The Truth about Felton" go to: www.PublicWaterNow.org/Felton 

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Felton Ratepayer
September 02, 2014
"Eminent domain" is extortion. It still ranks up there with "divine right of kings". I opposed this act of organized crime back then, and I'd oppose it again today. Both because it's immoral, and because it has broken its promises to reduce water rates and prevent further hikes.

But coming from people who also think I should be taxed to pay for their kids (under-)education, I cant say Im surprised. Santa Cruz is devolving into a collectivist cess pool.

To everyone who supported or still supports this, I hope the county uses ED to steal your home some day. Maybe then you'll learn your lesson.
Sam Moore
June 20, 2014
What a dumb letter. These people really believe taking the water system from Felton and gifting (for $29 million) to the SLV Water District is a good idea? One which they'd vote for again?

Read, people: http://www.pressbanner.com/view/full_story/25317973/article-Grand-Jury-blasts-San-Lorenzo-Valley-Water-Management-District?instance=home_news_bullets#cb_post_comment_25317973

Grand Jury Blasts San Lorenzo Valley Water District Management and Board of Directors.
Felton parent
June 21, 2014
Rather harsh comment, don't you think? I do not discount the grand jury's report, but at least we Felton residents can vote those responsible out of office. Did we have that option when Cal Am was in the picture? NO.
Felton voter
June 23, 2014
I agree that the FLOW organizers who wrote that letter are very short sighted. Now we hear that the District Manager of SLVWD has been fired. Not the best place to entrust the delivery of our precious water.

Felton parent
June 26, 2014
Very happy to see that he was fired. I must reiterate, though: would we have had that option when Cal Am was in the picture? Doubtful.

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