Letters: State’s schools need Prop. 30
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I am writing to voice my concern over the misleading advertising campaign being waged against Proposition 30.

Passing Proposition 30 is critical to preventing further declines in the educational system in California. If Proposition 30 does not pass, it will result in about $6 billion in cuts to K-12 education, universities and colleges at an estimated amount of $441 per student. This comes at a time when California is already 47th in per-pupil spending in the U.S. This means that class sizes will get even larger, and it is likely that the school year will be shortened by up to three weeks. In short, educational quality will diminish, and California’s place as a longtime global economic powerhouse will suffer.

The San Lorenzo Valley school board has endorsed Proposition 30. Proposition 30 is also supported by a broad coalition of education, community and labor groups, as well as nearly every major newspaper in California and the California League of Women Voters. 

The misinformation against Proposition 30 is being funded primarily by Charles Munger Jr. — who has donated more than $20 million to oppose Proposition 30 and other wealthy Californians who do not want to pay their share to support education and the promise that it brings for the state’s future. 

Proposition 30 only increases income taxes on the highest income earners, couples who earn $500,000 or more, and the taxes are temporary. Proposition 30 puts the money in a special fund that the Legislature cannot touch, and the money cannot be used for state bureaucracy. It requires mandatory, independent annual audits.

Please stand with our children, teachers and neighbors to provide education and opportunity for the future by voting yes on Proposition 30. Educating our youth and keeping our local teachers employed is critical to a solid economy. More information is available at http://yesonprop30.com.

Michael E. Loik, Felton

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