Little League Roundup
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San Lorenzo Valley Little League


Majors Division

Orioles 9, Red Sox 3

Colyn Salcido reached based four times and scored three runs, and Trent Walker had an RBI double for the Orioles.

For the Sox, Quinn Herzon tripled, driving in Terry Mirande and Trent Hopping. Hopping added a double in the sixth.


Rangers 12, Live Oak Yankees 1

The Rangers scored eight runs in one inning as Chris Anderson tripled, Christian Carney doubled and Andy Wise hit a three-run homer. Carney was 3-for-3 on the day.  


Nationals 15, Live Oak Marlins 4

Clay Brown singled and doubled, and Jaden Swanson had three hits and scored twice for the Nats. Nick Thorne tripled while Reese Castagna and Aidan Callahan pitched for the winners.


Minors Division

Diamondbacks 12, Giants 11

D’Back Will Caddell got the save with two strikeouts and a grounder, while singling at the plate. Andre Giandana also doubled and tripled for the winners.


A’s 15, Orioles 10

The teams combined for 25 hits and 12 walks in five innings. Vinny Verutti was 2-for-2, and Michael Manley was 2-for-3 for the A's. For the Orioles, Ryan Oropeza and Coleman Woolfolk singled, and Christian Hill tripled them home. Robbie Matajcich was 2-for-2 with a triple and a run scored.


AA Division

Giants 11, Pirates 1

For the Giants, Quinn Edgemon doubled and Bodie Pitts tripled. Teammate Damian Aguilar also tripled with the bases loaded. The Pirates' Cash Ebright singled and scored on Max Baxter's double.


Cardinals 5, Giants 0

Cardinals pitchers Mike Kelly, Julian Buntz and Nathan Davison totaled 13 strikeouts. Jayden Hunter singled for the Giants to break up the no-hitter.


Cardinals 10, Yankees 1

David Kvamme had three singles, and Nathan Davison was 3-for-3 with a double to lead the Cardinals.


Scotts Valley Little League

AAA Division

D’Backs 9, Marlins 3

For the D’backs, Shane Williams had five strikeouts in two innings of work while Matt Ellis, Josh Mahony and Nicolas Erickson doubled. Zac Helmold had two hits.

For the Marlins, Cole Leonard and Ian Eisenhut had four strikeouts each, and Carson Codiga and Cole Leonard had hits.


Orioles 8, D’Backs 7

For the Orioles, Cameron Roberson had six strikeouts and Gabe Keith had two hits, while Matt Stone drove in two.

For the D’backs, Josh Mahony had seven strikeouts while Matt Ellis, Kiernan Gill and Nicolas Erickson doubled. Josh Mahony and Zac Helmold had two hits each.


Marlins 7, Tigers 6

The Marlins had strong outings by pitchers Gabe Sptizer, Cole Leonard and Ian Eisenhut, who struck out 11. Ian Eisenhut tripled, and doubled and Spitzer singled twice.

The Tigers had run-scoring knocks from Lance Ultsch, Niccolo Petrini, Wilder Lockwood and Daniel and Jonny Nava-Campos.


Yankees 11, Rangers 7

Stephen Arum-Billow was 2-for-3 and Josh Booth went 3-for-3 for the Rangers. Ryan Beam had two hits for the Yankees.


Majors Division

Royals 15, Angels 5

For the Royals, Bryce Gundersen had four strikeouts on the mound and went 3-for-5 with three RBIs, Dillon Danner went 4-for-5 with three RBIs and Patrick Sweeney went 2-for-2 with a double. The Angels’ Parker Smith went 2-for-2, and Anthony Abruzzini went 2-for-3 with one run.


Angels 2, Padres 1  

The Angels Garret Fisher tossed more than seven innings while Anthony Abruzzini finished the nine-inning game. Soren Burns and Bryce Clark pitched well for the Padres.

For the Angels, Angelo Segretto doubled and scored both runs. Kyle Smith drove in Segretto for the winning run in the bottom of the ninth. Abruzzini and Brendan Hull each had two hits. The Padres’ Jackson Sutter scored on a sacrifice fly.


Padres 10, Giants 3

The Padres’ Zach Snider struck out eight in a complete game, and Alex Sterbenc hit a three-run double.

The Giants' Trevor Stocker went 2-for-3 with a run while Cameron Kufchak singled and doubled.


Giants 9, Phillies 2 

Zac Yates struck out 12 batters and Tyler Rehnberg cracked a two-run homer to lead the Giants. Yates and Rehnberg both went 3-for-3.

Brody Affolter had two hits and scored a run for the Phillies, while Erik Olson had a double and Mitchell Boe made a diving catch in right field.

Scott Murray and John Barber contributed to this report.

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