Poetry in motion: Part II
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The following are three of the winning poems from the 2011 Verses in the Valley contest put on by the Scotts Valley Arts Commission. The winners were honored at a recent Scotts Valley City Council meeting, and the first-place poem from each division have been published in the Press-Banner over the previous two editions.

‘The World’s Mask’

By Jonathan Powell

High school age group

When I look I don’t see the real you

I only judge by what you do

This makes it hard for me to see

But I guess for you it’s a practicality

You want to hide and never show

So we can never know

Why your mask is what it is

And what has darkened its recesses

His mask shows pain and fear

But won’t let him shed a tear

Her mask shows joy above

But won’t let her express her love

Why do our masks show but constrain

And why are they so hard to maintain

Society uses these masks in hope

That somehow it’ll help us cope

With the fear of being different than others

But it does little but smothers

But we don’t care because the way we see

There’s nothing worse than being me

This thought crosses everyone’s mind

And will continue until we find

That our masks can be broken

And it should be spoken

To help those who can’t see

Nothing is better than being me

This will let him cry and let her love

And show that we can rise above

Above the standards of society

Because being yourself is a priority

‘First Light’

By Nancy Hofmann

Adult age group

I lie alone in the big bed,

naked atop the vertical midline

spread out like Da Vinci’s diagram of man:

my fingers splayed, limbs straight.

Outside the open windows,

choruses of birds are clearing their throats

to rouse a still-sleepy dawn,

though the trees still wear

the black tight-fitting clothes of night

against the paling sky.

We are yet stuck together by silences and dreams,

and tentatively now,

we welcome back the blood,

sap, and fire of the rising sun,

relearning skin

and branch

and feather,

this taffy-pulling-away into individual shapes

until we are each whole again

and new

defined against the swiftly growing light.


By Mary Dettle’s fourth- and fifth-grade science class at Vine Hill Elementary School

Class poem division

The atmosphere is all the layers outside the Earth but we can’t see it.

We see, feel, and hear everything in the troposphere!

The Sun’s energy warms us and brightens our day, bright and shiny fills the sky

with delight.

Clouds come, clouds go which rains, all that remains all day that feels moist and warm

Warm, gassy wet clouds condenses just by me.

As all the water falls off the leaves transpiration forms its needs.

Observing the weather, thunder, rain, or hail

Meteorologists study the weather every day, and they read what weather maps will say.

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