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 The Scotts Valley Arts Commission announced the winners of its annual “Verse in the Valley” contest June 6 in front of the Scotts Valley City Council. The Press-Banner published winners in the categories for kindergarten-to-third-grade, fourth-and-fifth-grades and middle school students in its June 22 edition. Below are the winning poems from the other three categories.

 High school


Cages of porcelain, frames of white

Thoughts of my bones keep me up in the night

Fragile and bendy, so easy to crack

wonder how it would feel if one of them snapped

 Squeeze my sides with two hands, feel the ribs bend

Trace the lines through my hips and my wrists and pretend

Rub skin in circles, like paper mache

Fingers tap collarbone, your piano to play

 Roll shoulders back, feel muscles flex

Joints popping, skin stretching, the cracking of necks

Brittle and breakable, hollow and thrumming

Put hands on my heart and hear my pulse humming

 Feel them curve, feel them twist, feel them crackle and grind

xylophone spines, like shells all aligned

Put together your bones, picture piece by piece

Femurs and ulnas slide into their sheaths

 Fill my gaps, hold me up, build me up from the core

All I need is some structure, no less and no more

No bones and I’d just be a puddle of skin

Be my bones for me, and I’ll let you come in

— Maggie Imboden



One Night My Grandma

taught me stories that piggyback stars

from her Santana 22. She sailed us

beyond our dishwater bay; she threw

anchor just before the canyon drop.

As darkness displaced water and sky

she sighed, “You should know that

heaven calls me by name these

days.” Then she said the myths

all the same.


Sunrise blew us back to the harbor;

back to the fishermen who leaned to

her wink and wig’s honey bangs. They

watched, I watched her wince as she

knotted our endless lines. Cancer had

shaken her hands, but her fingers

never forgot the old art.


By noon I was sitting on the sun

warm layer of sand, hunger working

me the way only children understand.

Screams from the Jet Star trailed behind

her as she descended the boardwalk

steps, my saltwater taffy lunch spilling

out of her tanned arms.


Now I want to breathe in the bone

yard behind the elementary school, but

my chest tightens there. She passed

soon after that night.

— Meg Reese


Class poem

 Zoo Animals


Striped, fast

Running, walking, eating

They live in Africa


 Zebras are really, really striped

And they are so, so hyped, hyped, hyped.

Zebras eat lots of grass

And we drink out of a glass

Dear, sweet zebras should live in a house;

For that is where I keep my pet mouse.


Big, flappyeared

Playing, loving, standing

They smack each other with their trunks


 An elephant walked through the door

Then the elephant fell on the floor

We think an elephant is full of cheer

We’re glad some are born every year.


Scary, bumpy

Chomping, chewing, growling

They are very hungry and vicious


Crocodiles chomp

Crocodiles stomp

They have fun

In the sun

Crocs are not as big as whales

But they sure love to shake their tails

Crocodiles swim in the Mississippi

And they call each other “hippie.”



Playful, furry

Swinging, climbing, ahoohing

Their favorite food is a banana


 A monkey is playful and funny

And he likes to eat sweet honey.

Monkeys like to play with dice

While they eat their yummy lice.

While they are really, really awesome

And they like to play with possum


Mean, meat-eater

Fighting, roaring, purring

Its cubs are black and orange.


 Baby tiger so alone at night

Until the sky is light it will have a fright.

We know the tiger likes to run in the grass

We hope it doesn’t step on glass

Tiger, tiger when it pours

The angry tiger roars

100 pounds of meat you eat

You have sharp claws on your feet.

 — Becky McDermott’s second-grade class, Brook Knoll Elementary School

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