Letter: Outstanding candidates for SLV water board
11.01.12 - 02:12 pm


I'm endorsing Randall Brown and Margaret Bruce for the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board of Directors. As a member of the steering committee for Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water, I would have liked to see someone from Felton run for the office, but I think Randall and Margaret are outstanding candidates.

While neither lives in Felton, Randall wrote two booklets on the town, "Felton Water Co." and "The Creamery Hotel, Felton." He also has written a book about the SLVWD history, so he knows more about the valley's water issues than most people. He obviously cares about the San Lorenzo Valley, its history and its water. Randall also has a financial background and has worked on Wall Street, although you'd never know it upon meeting him, with his easygoing nature. After getting to know Randall, I decided to help with his campaign. I've found him very forthright. He has decided to do a grassroots campaign. He did not do a campaign statement for the Official Sample Ballot because of the $375 cost to do so. I was amazed to see that if you don't pay to do a statement, your name is not even mentioned in the candidate statement section of the Office Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet.

I've also gotten to know Margaret Bruce. She is a knowledgeable and well-qualified candidate. She has a degree in environmental studies, plus experience working on the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board and the water district's Environmental Education Commission. She's worked in both the private and the public sectors, so she understands business and government.

Please support Randall Brown and Margaret Bruce for the SLVWD board.

Alexis Krostue, FLOW steering committee member, Felton

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