Editorial: Support for libraries does matter
by Press-Banner editorial board
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Library patrons and supporters rallied around the possible closure of the Felton branch and three other community branches of the Santa Cruz County library system in a broad-reaching show of support this week.

The support went beyond a core group of library friends groups. Families with children, senior citizens and people with little personal stake in the matter all stood up and spoke for the Felton, La Selva, Branciforte and Garfield Park branches.

Last week, we asked in an editorial whether Felton residents want a public library. Their show of support for their community branch — frankly, a larger and more passionate response than almost any other public agency gets when cuts are on the table — makes the answer obvious.

Yes, residents in Felton and the surrounding community do want their branch to remain open and active in the community.

The Library Joint Powers Authority heard those people and will head back to the drawing board to figure out a new solution that will keep all the branches open with more hours.

It shows that the democratic process still works: When the people want something, leaders listen. With this week’s show of support, leaders have to look beyond dollars-and-cents savings to what the people want and why they want it. Even if one person doesn’t use the library, his or her neighbor might.

The Felton branch, with its rich history and passionate supporters, should remain open. We urge library leaders, when a decision does lie before them, to vote in a way that represents the people, even if it means fewer improvements in the short term. The loss of Felton Branch Library would take a chunk out of Felton’s identity as a thriving town friendly to families and business.

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Jaden Speaks
February 24, 2011
Because they are 2 different pots of money.

The Santa Cruz Public Library system is guilty of financial damage and tunnel vision. They care first about their pensions and their downtown branch.

If Scotts Valley can build a library, then good for them.

Where were you when the SCPL was bungling its mission.

Oh, that's right, you were out there foolishly campaigning for Measures A-Z.
Millions spent
February 22, 2011
Our elected officials in Scotts Valley and the Library Joint Powers Board are acting irresponsibly. Under what twisted economic logic does it make sense for the Scotts Valley City Council to be spending millions of dollars on a new library while at the same time the library system is in financial disrepair.
Felton Resident
February 18, 2011
Sorry, I am paying over $500/year for the purchase of our water company from CAL AM (Thanks FLOW). We then gave it away and have had rate hikes and water rationing. So much for local control. I will no longer support ANY future community efforts (regardless of the cause) since those who don’t have to pay are allowed to vote on the issues!

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