SV councilman enters supervisor discussion
by Peter Burke
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Scotts Valley City Councilman Jim Reed will spend the next several weeks exploring a possible bid for the upcoming seat for 5th District supervisor.

Reed said he will talk with community leaders and organizations in the San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley and at the county level to “get a feel” for the climate and to find out if he’d be a good fit for the position.

“I have no idea what the response is going to be,” Reed said.

Reed jumped into the conversation after fellow Councilman Dene Bustichi, who announced his own bid for supervisor last month, was cut out of the 5th District when redistricting lines split Scotts Valley down Highway 17.

Reed, who grew up in Chicago and moved with his wife, Lea, to Santa Cruz County in 2000, has served on the Scotts Valley City Council since January 2007, including one year as mayor. The couple has four children, ages 4 through 11. Before joining the council, Reed spent 11 years in the technology industry, including six years with Nokia. He was the editor of the Press-Banner for a year the mid-2000s and now works in public relations and marketing.

Reed said part of his outreach will be a message of job creation.

“We need a supervisor focused all the time on creating well-paying jobs,” he said.

He says Santa Cruz County needs to use its coastline and temperate climate to drive year-round tourism, an area where it has underperformed in recent years. Reed, who stood behind the La Bahia project that was voted down by the California Coastal Commission this summer, said he worries that the vote will have a ripple effect on the county’s economy.

“I fear it will revive the stereotype that economic development and environmental protection are incompatible in Santa Cruz County,” Reed said.

“If I run, we’re not going to have a La Bahia (situation) anymore. That’s the last La Bahia that happens if I get elected supervisor.”

If he ran, Reed said, he would push for commonsense, centrist solutions to fix the government process. He suggests gathering the likes of Fred Keeley, John Laird and Bruce McPherson — all well-respected lawmakers who live in Santa Cruz — to develop policy that would usher local government into a new mindset of innovation, similar to the thinking of the organization California Forward.

Reed said he would like to see a supervisor reach out to the community more often — for example, calling on the two local chambers of commerce and three business associations in the 5th District to meet once a year to discuss job creation.

Reed also supports Senate Bill 14, which sets performance goals for the government rather than budgeting positions.

“If passed, it’s going to change the mindset, and the paradigm, of how government operates,” he said, noting that the planning department process in the county is a good example , although new Planning Director Kathy Previsich has begun to make positive changes.

Reed said he wants to see local government think differently about providing basic services, because of leaner budgets and fewer employees.

“If things aren’t working, we’ve got to change,” he said.

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Why tear down
October 21, 2011
It is so sad that some would want to personally attack someone in this way. This is exactly why good people do not run for office. Mark Stone has done nothing for this district and Eric Hammer is his pre ordained choice to be our next supervisor.

There is not always fire were there is smoke perhaps you should look at Eric Hammers past could be some very hot issues there.
Reed not fit
October 20, 2011
Reed's explosive temper and moral character make him unfit for the office. Reed should have thought about his personal life transgressions before he committed them. If he runs now it is almost certain that the salacious details will be exposed.
Biff Byron
October 20, 2011
The biggest concern right now is that there is no viable candidate for 5th District Supervisor. Not one. The best possible candidates are leaning toward not running.

Someone has got to step up and confirm that they are running. Someone with the intellectual capacity and strength of character to handle the job.
Oakland Hills Fire
October 20, 2011
20 years ago. 1 year ago Council relocated propane facility. Still no Emergency Plan.
Love to Develop SV
October 10, 2011
ya!!!!country station traffic....Scotts Valley not peaceful.....get your 10% of the population to the City Council meeting and make a difference..I will be there to laugh at your mind games....great comedy..Founding fathers would be proud of Target....Scotts Valley is still going in the right direction!!!!!

So 90% of you want to ruin the town? Does that somehow make it right?

"Founding fathers would be proud of Target"

This just shows how much idiots the 90% are. SV was a beautiful place back then, they'd more likly be turning in their gravse or puking at the sight of what you've done and still want to do.

Daryl Tempesta
October 08, 2011
Someone asked me why I care. This is what I think. Besides making sure no one interferes my right to have free speech, we live with the system we accept. That is only as good as the decisions we make which is as good as the information we rely on. The source is as important as the message.

There are some posts here that Google lists as being prior posts from this newspaper, and posed here like it was part of the conversation. Who knows where some of these comments came from. A reasonable reader would dig deeper and take information from a variety of sources.

The few things we know for sure, it's the policy of this paper to collect comments if they like. They claim the ability to do anything they like with in an editorial role. That is the first objection, I do not believe that the manner of moving and editing this particular discussion met this papers own policy, the effect changed the meaning and relied upon the sources as a measure of my meaning. Something they do not agree.

There there are some serious problems with the editorial standards if some of the comments came from the editor as part of the dialog. The criticism would go away if they adopted a log in system, updated their policy and included stronger disclosure at submission, that matched the level of their expected content.

It's a natural conclusion that inside access to the paper and the data it collects could use it for purposes like instant and easy reposting. Or finding information about a political opponent. It's clear this paper needs to update their policy to include wording that defines the level of access by any elected official. It would address what level of access is material government participation and qualifies as covered by open access laws for truth to power. We have the right to know what our government does.

In the past, one of the things that came out researching the Target experience showed, was that they had a policy of investigating all crimes in their stores, and their forensic facilities are so advanced the Federal government, among others, used the Target labs to investigate CSI style Capital Offenses. That was surprising. Good PR, maybe but it also had a darker implication less known.

The cooperation and access between the company and Government give the appearance that they have access to Information on anyone they need - despite their disclaimers of only working Capital offenses. The objection include the potential for identifying and learning about potential store opponents who might stand against the opening of a potential new store in a new community. I always found that interesting how far the deck was stacked against anyone before they even knew an application would begin. I also thought that is the kind of information that our media should have covered.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Target found it's way to the Mall where it belongs, and water under the bridge for me. But in the discussion about how PR is related to the practice of manufacturing consent, the practice of it effects us in the trusted sources of information. That happens at the local level, and that is through the media. This is the unfairness that we should all question.

When something is reposted, " starts to sound like it's the truth.." That's a two way standard, we rely upon local media to be fair and impartial.

The Political Reform Act of 1974 was a watershed moment for fairness. But the Internet has opened up all kinds of ways to take advantage of and abuse this system. Only by watching our individual rights, and electing fair representatives, to keep fairness in balance can both interests be served. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press - both have rights and responsibilities.

Policies of this paper need to be supportive of a constructive environment or loose the trust needed to be an authoritative source of information.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could be sure about this discussion, so we would be able to focus about the candidates - where it belongs.
SLV 4ever
October 07, 2011
The more I read about this guy from the Scotts Valley City Council the more I like Bill Smallman. Smallman seems to be reaching out to answer questions while Reed is absent from the discussion. Maybe Reed thinks he has it made and doesn't need the votes from Felton, Ben Lomond and BC.
Viola Woodburn
October 07, 2011
All this bad grammar, ridiculous attacks and mindless drivel about Scotts Valley politicians makes us mountain folk in Boulder Creek look like downright professorial.

Oh wait.
Run Donna Run
October 07, 2011
What are we going to do for laughs, if you just fade away?

love scotts valley wrote on Thursday, Oct 01 at 09:54 PM »

ya!!!!country station traffic....Scotts Valley not peaceful.....get your 10% of the population to the City Council meeting and make a difference..I will be there to laugh at your mind games....great comedy..Founding fathers would be proud of Target....Scotts Valley is still going in the right direction!!!!!

Reed Baggage
October 07, 2011
From all of the posts it is very clear that Jim Reed comes with a great deal of negative baggage. But in typical Jim Reed and Vic Morani fashion they are spinning the focus away from Reeds negative issues by attacking others. In this case they are deflecting on someone who isn't even running for the office. Jim here is a suggestion, if you don't want people to raise issues about his record, behavior and fidelity you should first clean up your act.
October 06, 2011
Delete posts that you don't like. That's just great. Freedom of the press/speech down the toilet.

you ip here
October 06, 2011
You know ho hi-way 17 gets all backed up and gridlocked in the summer? He want's it to be like that all year 'round. I don't. He want's Scotts Valley to be a "shopping mecca" (his words not mine) where shoppers from all over the county will come here and clog up our already over-crowded town. I don't. I don't like his ideas and will never vote for him. These developers always end with the same line "...while preserving our quality of life.". Ya right.

Deleting in 3, 2, ..

Lindsey J
October 06, 2011
O. M. G.
Daryl Tempesta
October 06, 2011
WHere are you getting your information from Mr Burke?

The conversations you and I have had show that the paper has practiced differently than it's policy. This is misleading practice has led to censuring - it is exactly why I contacted you for clarification.

Under the conditions you condoned, inadvertently or not, you changed the meaning of my postings and did not place them back to the original condition - as you said you would. That is a written in the email. You bypassed the policy and made your editorial discretion.

Still, neither have you acted evenly in the application of your companies policies

"For the 6 people that read this crap you should realize that 90% of gets written here is from them they ran a very unsuccessful campaign against council members Lind Bustichi and Johnson in 2008 they lied like they do here Paul Bach tried to intimidate Lind on the street during the campaign"


How can you justify removing derogatory comments against Mr Reed claiming policy, yet allow this libelous speech against me when it clearly is of the same violations of your policies?

You DO understand I was DEFENDING Mr Reed right?

As Editor agent for the paper and contact to the public, you should be aware of your own standards

Mr Burke, you still owe me a public apology.
Daryl Tempesta
October 06, 2011
What do you think is a good name for a new newspaper?

Scotts Valley Family News

I have all this time, I might as well run a newspaper that will operate without censorship or online bullying. That would be refreshing.

First edition: Series - Part 1. Is the Press Banner too cozy?

There, I have a job.

Now an apology by Mr Burke.

Molly R
October 06, 2011
Who is They Daryl sounds like you are imagining things do you really think that the is a conspiracy against you.

Oh please get a job
Daryl Tempesta
October 06, 2011
They would make you believe that I have lived as a hermit, but we know that this is part of the attack rational response. Maybe they have a political term for this.

Using measured comments to attempt to paint a false portrait. And for what personal gain? Maybe someone looking to stand on my back to gain political office?

Tell me it isn't so.

But what IS true, Mr Burke censored my comments and the thread. You wonder why the response is so vigorous?

Because if enough light is shed on the paper and it's political connections, maybe they will find what we ALL want to know that they DON'T.

So what are you afraid of?
Sue Storm
October 06, 2011
Anyway, back on topic.

Looking forward to hearing more about your candidacy, Mr. Reed.
Daryl Tempesta
October 06, 2011
We expect a free press without censorship or bullying. This thread is a perfect example.

Post something unpopular with the paper or its friends - out come the attack dogs.

That's a simple reflection of how they operate.

Public record
October 06, 2011
It would appear that yet again Mr. Tempesta is showing what he is all about. Which is distorting the record of all the sv city council all because he did not like how they might vote on the Taget store which is right next store to were Mr. Tempest lives. While there are many of us who were not happy to see Target come to that location. I for one am very happy with our current city council. I have witnessed Mr. Tempesta in action at a city council meeting he dressed as he stated at the meeting as a pimp leopard skin jacket purple velvet top hat.

It was his way of protesting the Target project. I was never so emberessed to be on the same side of and issue as I was that night with Mr. Tempest this is fact and was video taped on community television . So for anyone who reads this blog keep that in mind when you read another rant from this man.

And Mr. Burke good luck with this one.

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