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The race to fill Mark Stone’s shoes as a Santa Cruz County supervisor representing the 5th District will certainly heat up once the holidays have passed. With six candidates, from a career politician to those nearly green behind the ears, voters have a colorful spectrum to choose from when filling the county seat in June.

In an ideal world, every voter would have a chance to talk to and research each of the six candidates. The more likely scenario is that most of you will not meet more than one candidate. At the paper, we have met and will continue to meet with the candidates in an effort to offer you as much information as possible.

There are two questions we need to answer so we can cover the race in the most complete way.

First, what resources do you need to become interested in this race? Do you need video of debates, or written material from each candidate? How will you most likely do your research before the election? We can assure you that reading candidate statements in the voter guide will not be enough to inform your vote.

Second, what would you like to ask candidates? The Press-Banner is preparing to cover the race in a way that informs voters as fully as possible. We know many of the issues that interest you — roads, taxes, business, law enforcement and fire coverage and the environment — but there are no easy answers, as the county budget has shrunken each year. However, supervisors are the best source for getting something fixed or changed, and they will help shape our valleys. Now is the time to find out what we should expect from them.

Running for office is time-consuming and takes resources. These candidates have all said they plan to stay in the race as long as possible, and the Press-Banner will try to give each candidate equal coverage in whatever way best educates voters.

We believe the democratic process should be not a popularity contest to be won by the candidate with the most money, but an honest look at who we want representing us and spending our tax money.

Please contact the Press-Banner by email at pbeditor@pressbanner.com, on the Web at www.pressbanner.com or by mail, 5215 Scotts Valley Drive, Ste. F, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, throughout the five months leading up to the election with any questions or comments relating to the candidates or the race.
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William Cecil
January 14, 2012
Great letter from Sam Robustelli in this morning's Sentinel.

McPherson knows the valley well

What's with this obvious letter-writing campaign insinuating Bruce McPherson "doesn't know the valley?" Bruce McPherson has been in Santa Cruz County all his life, which means, I bet, that he's been here longer than anyone who was asked to pen those letters. From the time when he was a county reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel that included writing articles about San Lorenzo Valley, McPherson has shown a better understanding of the valley than any of the other people who have indicated they may run for 5th District county supervisor.

Furthermore, voters of the San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley have supported him every time he's run for election, and he's served us very well as a state senator, an Assembly member, and California's secretary of state. Bruce has stood up for us when we needed financial assistance for our fire districts, when he co-authored the bond for funds we received to build the park in Boulder Creek, and when he signed the ballot agreement for Measure R to provide some financial security for our libraries in Boulder Creek, Felton and Scotts Valley. He has consistently supported measures for our public schools, and more.

Bruce McPherson knows the needs of the valley very well, and we are fortunate that, with his experience, he wants to serve the people of the 5th District.

Sam Robustelli, Boulder Creek
Yolanda R
December 30, 2011
It's a nonpartisan race. I look forward to seeing what each candidate is about on his or her individual merits. The campaign that throws Democrat and Republican around as pejoratives is the campaign I will not support.
Liz Venegis
December 29, 2011
And backpedaling is a good thing! ;)
Bridget Hale
December 29, 2011
Geez, don't take it personally buddy. I am not bagging on Wylie, just stating what I thought was pretty obvious. Vitriolic much?
Valley Girl
January 13, 2012
Hmm, Steinerman's take on it seems a lot more obvious to me than yours. Why >would< a Democrat want to hand the seat to McPherson, if your interpretation were true.

As to vitriol, I certainly did not see any from Mr. Steinerman. Perhaps his interpretation struck a bit close to home and thus seemed vitriolic to you?
Samuel Steinerman
December 29, 2011
Doesn't make sense. Stone doesn't support McPherson and is obviously not part of the "machine" to which you refer.

If Wylie is aligned with Stone, then he wouldn't be used by Stone to benefit McPherson. Really bad attempt to marginalize an honorable candidate by suggesting that he's just bait to split a vote. Wylie's support appears to be grassroots and from the education field.

I suspect that you are coming from one specific campaign with very little real input from what's going on in the other campaigns and that leaves you grasping at conspiracy theories that don't exist.

Please elevate the dialogue, rather than demean it.
Bridget Hale
December 28, 2011
All early indicators show that McPherson is supported by "the machine" (that group of bipartisan self servers that have been calling the shots in Santa Cruz politics the last two decades).

George Wylie, having announced his candidacy at Mark Stone's "I'm going for assembly" function, bets are that he is the democrat thrown in the race to split the vote and pave the way for McPherson.

The 5th district wasn't gerrymandered to keep Bustichi out, it was to pull McPherson in. Want to know who's independent? How about the candidates that haven't been career politicians or serve on boards that pay for service?
Aileen Lindenhauer
December 26, 2011
I would like to know which candidates are independent and not stuck with special interest groups. For too long we have had elected officials who are beholden to astroturf groups. They don't give a hoot about the majority of people in the 2 valleys. They just want their payback for helping get the candidate elected. Time for a change.

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