Letter: McPherson knows how to listen
by Mark Tracy
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One of the main things I appreciated about Bruce McPherson as our elected state senator and assemblyman was his willingness to meet with us. In our case, the discussions were with law enforcement; he did the same with other leaders and constituents who were involved with health care, local government, protection of our natural resources and other organizations.

I was particularly impressed that he was the one who called the meetings in the first place. The community will receive the same positive listening treatment when he is our elected county supervisor for the 5th District.

McPherson wanted to know what were our concerns in asking, "What is it that we are doing for you that is working, and what isn't going well that we can address and correct?" Personally, I was especially pleased with his support of the community-policing program I implemented as Santa Cruz County sheriff between 1994 and 2004.

It's one of the main reasons voters in the 5th District and throughout Santa Cruz County continuously elected him. The public safety community of law enforcement and fire protection appreciated McPherson's openness and leadership when he was in the California Legislature, and they will in the future when he is elected as the 5th District supervisor on the county board of supervisors.

He met with us and listened to us before, and I'm confident he'll do it again as our supervisor from the 5th District.

Mark Tracy, retired sheriff-coroner, Aptos

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April 25, 2012
Is this letter for real? First off, Tracy doesn't even live in the district, so not sure why the PB even published it.

Secondly, apparently Tracy is a buddy of McPhersons. Have I seen McPherson at any SLV area events prior (or even currently) with the campaign? Can I reach him via email? Is his web site make him more accessible?

This is NOT the person we want representing the SLV in the county. No more business as usual- we need new blood and new thoughts!
April 25, 2012
We are residents of Santa Cruz County who have decided to take urgent action because if Bruce McPherson is elected to our Board of Supervisors it will shift the center of political gravity in our community decisively to the right. Please reply to this email to JOIN US.

McPherson does not represent the people of the 5th district, or even live within its historical boundaries. He does not represent the 99%. Instead he represents the 1% who profit from Republican policies, lives in a mansion in exclusive Pasatiempo Estates, and has a long history of strategic leadership AGAINST our Santa Cruz values under cover of a dangerously friendly "moderate Republican" smile...

As California Secretary of State,

* he certified the easily hacked Diebold voting machines, and

* he disqualified 40% of newly registered voters in Los Angeles (mostly Latino) as part of national pattern of Republican voter suppression.

As a state legislator,

* he refused to help his Felton constituents (FLOW) win back control of their water supply from German multinational company,

* he voted AGAINST state laws expanding domestic partner rights, outlawing bullying in schools, and other GLBT rights,

* he received a 50% rating from Planned Parenthood - identified as "leans anti-choice”, and

* he voted against state laws banning sweatshop conditions in state contractors’ workplaces.

As editor of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Bruce McPherson campaigned...

* against preserving Wilder Ranch,

* in favor of developing Lighthouse Field, and

* in favor of building a nuclear power plant in Davenport

He's a Republican, in other words, for a reason. Do you think he’ll represent YOUR values and interests?

Because Democrats are less likely to vote in the primary election, the coming election offers Republican Bruce McPherson his best chance of winning a seat on the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. That's why we're getting organized to remind our Democratic neighbors in the 5th district to VOTE!

We will be proud and happy to work with you on another meaningful, exciting campaign.

for democracy not corporatocracy-

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