Regular season wraps up for little leaguers
by Scott Murray and Jim Reed
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San Lorenzo Valley

Majors Division

Diamondbacks 13, Pirates 6

Remi Peters and Luka Mahkovtz, ripped their first homers of the season while Eddie McDonald knocked in a run with a single for the Diamondbacks.

For the Pirates, Scotty MacCool had two hits and Chris Anderson was on base three times.

Giants 4, Red Sox 1

Julian Auldridge and Blake Kuehl each doubled for the Giants, while Vinnie Prograce and Tyler Goedeck each singled. Max Crandall got the save as he held off a Red Sox sixth-inning rally. Justin Rudrow had three of the Red Sox’s four hits.

Minors Division

Phillies 14, Cardinals 5

The Phillies got 13 hits in the first game of the minors tournament and turned a double play to end the game.

Scotts Valley

Majors Division

Phillies 6, Giants 5 (7 innings)

The Phillies tied the game in the top of the sixth on a three-run homer by Reese Gyllenhammer. They then scored two runs in the seventh and held off a two-out Giants rally for a 6-5 win in an extra-inning game.

Gyllenhammer also doubled, and teammate Jack Kastner doubled and singled twice. The Giants' Nathan Pisciotta and Carson Spence homered, and Ryan Bariteau had two doubles and a single. Lauren Shay had two hits.

Giants 15, Red 7

The Giants' attack came alive with 11 hits and seven walks, including a five-RBI day from Carson Spence, who homered among his three hits. Garrett Fisher had two singles and a double, and Cody Burnett had three singles and a walk.

Rays 15, Blue Jays 2

Rays pitchers Daniel Shamshoian , E.J. Bright, Jake Hogan and Trevor Stocker shut down the Blue Jays.

Offensively, Logan Hudson had three RBIs, and Reilly Merlo doubled and drove in four. Jays' leadoff hitter Conor Santos walked and scored the first run and doubled to drive in the Jays' second run.

Rays 8, Giants 5

The Rays clinched first place in the regular season with a hard-fought win over the Giants. They were led by three hits from Daniel Shamshoian, a 2-for-2 day from Logan Hudson, who scored twice, and a two-run homer from Nathan Pisciotta.

AAA Division

A’s 5, Tigers 0

The A’s Ethan Turner-Garnett pitched five innings and had 10 strikeouts while allowing no runs. Philip Garrison doubled and singled for the A’s, and Cameron Kufchalk, Jaden Muelman, Justin Burnett, Nolan Owens, Zepher Christensen, Ethan Turner-Garnett, Connor McEntee and Lukas Olbrecht all singled.

The Tigers' Masa Soto, Logan Ross and Alex Ross had singles.

Diamondbacks 3, Yankees 2 (nine innings)

The Diamondbacks' Paul Hanson drove in two runs, and Shane Burns knocked in the winning run in the ninth to break a 2-2 tie. Graham Smith, Brendan Hull, Nick Endres and Sören Burns added hits.

Josh Booth and Anthony Petrini both scored for the Yankees.

Orioles 10, Braves 3

Bryce Clark struck out nine Braves in just over three innings of work. Both Robert Hipwell and Jack Matty went 3-for-3 at the plate, and Clark and Skyler Hughett had two hits each while Tyler Erwin doubled.

For the Braves, Brody Affolter went 3-for-3 with two RBIs, and Wyatt Luck got on base twice and scored once.

Orioles 10, Tigers 9

The Orioles' Jack Matty pitched and led the team with three hits and two RBIs, Robert Hipwell scored three times, and Tyler Erwin had two hits.

For the Tigers, Kyle Smith, Henry Merring, Masa Sato, Logan Ross and Mitchell Ross each had two hits, while Sato struck out seven batters in four innings of work.
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