Old guard vs. local fresh face
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While FLOW, Friends of Locally Owned Water, was working to purchase Felton’s water system from a foreign multinational, I stopped in Bruce McPherson’s Sacramento office. I was told by his chief aide that Mr. McPherson would — unequivocally — not meet with or help us. If he wouldn’t meet with a large, local group on something so critically needing his state-level help, why would we expect his attention now?

The 5th District supervisor race provides a very clear choice: old-guard power structure versus fresh, local hard work.

I’m truly excited to support Eric Hammer for supervisor. I’ve known him for years; he’s come up through the grassroots, really listens, rolls up his sleeves and works harder than anyone I know for our kids, our environment, our economy. At every forum, his understanding of what’s actually happening locally and how to create real, positive change ran circles around his opponents.

Barbara Sprenger, Felton

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Be truthful
October 13, 2012
Again, with the inflammatory language. Speaking a lie over and over doesn't make it the truth.

I don't believe any of you who say this Hammer fellow and all the middle aged, middle class residents of the 5th district are bad people doing bad things, these are my neighbors, teachers, small business owners, friends.

I haven't received any "disgusting" fliers. I have received things from McPhersons campaign designed to look like he has support from groups endorsing Hammer.

I have heard of small businesses renting space in buildings owned by McPherson supporters being told to remove Hammer signs from their store fronts.

Don't lie, you don't need to lay waste to the 5th district and divide neighbors to win, that's not leadership.
Trisha Brennan
October 13, 2012
Yeah, like Mark Stone. Oh wait.
stop the hypocracy
October 13, 2012
Steve Reed worked in the legislature as an aide, worked for Carter when he was president, he's currently a port commissioner - and makes plenty of positive contributions to our community.

The man is not a liar.

However, the past couple of days have brought mailings from the Hammer campaign to my home. Appalling, sickening. Makes me ashamed to be a democrat.
Who are you
October 12, 2012
Who are you, Mr. Reed? I don't know you, but I do know Barbara Sprenger, and she may be a lot of things, but a liar isn't one of them. She also isn't a paid (or unpaid) campaign manager, unlike you.

It isn't nice to smear honest locals, just because they don't support the guy you are working for. Bully is as bully does Mr. Reed, and the only nastiness we are hearing up here in the Valley is coming from the McPherson campaign. Saying the opposite over and over doesn't make your lie the truth, it just diminishes the integrity of your candidate unecessarily. And that's a shame.

Except that
October 12, 2012
Except that she appears to be untruthful. Not honest.
October 13, 2012
I have to take issue with the assertion that Ms Sprenger is not a liar. Look at her record on the SLV school board, particularly the issue over Lockhart Gulch and the under the table re-zoning of Redwood Elementary School before the closure issue. Eric Hammer will become a puppet for Sprenger as a salve for her own thwarted attempts to run for 5th district supervisor. McPherson might be one sort of old guard but Eric Hammer is merely the idiot son of the other old guard
Sonya Reading
October 13, 2012
@slvcares - Gasp! True. But, gasp!
Martha Hammer
October 16, 2012
Hey, Who are you, turn about is fair play - It isn't nice to smear honest locals, just because they don't support the guy you are working for. Bully is as bully does!
Stephen Reed
October 12, 2012
I am Bruce McPherson's campaign chairman so I believe it is fair to respond. Ms. Springer repeats the oft-rebutted claim that McPherson wouldn't meet with FLOW. According to the five former Senate staff members who were key policy and administrative staff working for Bruce, no-one from FLOW, including Ms. Springer asked to meet. The FLOW group didn't formulate their purchase plan until after Bruce had left the Senate. It's just a lie. Sorry.

The Headline from Springer, "Hammer regularly gets things done" is also misleading. What exactly does Hammer regularly do? The voters have found that Eric has no actual record protecting the environment, no record supporting Women's issues, no record in favor of public safety, and no record like Bruce helping schools and libraries. Hammer just hasn't "delivered for the 5th District".

This election offers a clear choice between an unqualified and inexperienced candidate who bullies those who disagree with him, and a well known and well respected candidate with a track record of getting things done for the 5th District, and for Santa Cruz County.

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