Letter: Lompico deserves chance to keep water rights
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There's an old saying, "Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over." In July 2010, Lompico Water District board members announced to residents that they had voted unanimously to pursue a merger with San Lorenzo Valley Water District and presented a proposal that called for adding, with interest and fees, over $6 million to our tax bills.

My first reaction was, Why is nobody fighting for our water rights? Have they not read what has been going on regarding water in the county, the state, the country and the world? You just don't give up your water rights without a fight.

My comment to the assembly was that they underestimated the ability of Lompico to rise to the occasion in a crisis. I know this because, as homeowner in Lompico for 38 years, I've seen it. During the mudslides of 1982 and 1983, the 1989 earthquake that took out 50 percent of the water district storage tanks, or when the park property was sold for taxes, I watched Lompicans step up and get it done.

There was one person who stepped up in that meeting and said, We can fix our district ourselves if we pull together. That person was Sherwin Gott, who, along with Shannar Abraham, was voted to the board in fall 2010. However, over the past two years, the incumbent candidates have used their three-vote majority to stifle any attempt at a non-merger solution and to strip Gott and Abraham of their committee positions. It's time Lompico has the option to explore keeping the precious right to its water. That will only happen by replacing the "merge at all cost" incumbents. That's why I encourage all of my fellow Lompicans to vote for Duane Davis, Gail Jones and Cherl Trapp for the water board.

John Cunliffe, civil engineer, Lompico

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Bill Smallman
November 05, 2012
Lompico's Water District has water rights, which will become the property of SLVWD if the merger goes through. Why are few concerned about losing these rights? It is because the District owns these rights, not the public.

By losing "Local Control" Lompicans will not have a Board of community members. That is basically the only benefit you have from this "right", and this is something you want to fight for, run the District with not enough money, take out high interest rate loans and pay high rates which are double that the money saved would be equivalent to the 6 million debt?

What exactly do you think Directors Gott and Abraham have been stifled on? The District is making repairs, paying its bills and providing you water. The plan for not merging is simple, look at the current budget figure in some loans for the high priority repairs. Then compare it to the costs of merger. The existence of LCWD and its "rights" no longer will seem that precious, once people realize they will continue to receive the same water at less cost and greater security.
Skipp Stones
November 03, 2012
Thanks John! nice to hear from someone who is not on the LLBRA! For anyone who doesn't know what the LLBRA is, it is the organization that tried to sue the water district when their road slid. They have been on the war path ever since.
Lompico Resident
November 04, 2012
The district also wasn't doing too bad financially until they had to put out $60,000 for an engineering report that showed it was actions of the Lake Blvd residents that undermined the road in the first place. The water district should have sued the LBRA to recoup the expense.
November 05, 2012
well, next time lake blvd slides, maybe we will find the bank reports that the LBRA buried, showing where all our donations went. I wish I could get mine back.

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