Grocery store strike ends
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Raley’s and Nob Hill have reached an agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers this morning that has ended the union’s nine-day strike.  

Raley’s and Nob Hill which made the announcement at about 10 a.m., said that no details of the agreement are being made public until it is ratified by the union members.

The agreement ends 15 months of negotiations between the two sides, and most recently the nine-day strike found picketers outside the grocery store locations, including Nob Hill Foods in Scotts Valley during all hours, day and night.

Grocery store employees went on strike to protest the implementation of a new plan by the company that cut back holiday and Sunday pay and changed how retirement benefits were to be handled.

The union will recommend ratification of the agreed upon plan to its members with a vote to occur at a date to be decided in the near future.

“This is very exciting because this contract provides us with the cost savings we need to fund our vision and the initiatives to make us more competitive in the 21st Century,” said Mike Teel, president of Raley’s of Family Fine Stores in a press release.

This was the first strike in the history of the 77-year-old company.

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Way to go
November 14, 2012
Thanks Scott's Valley Nob Hill staff. You are a great crew and I have been shopping at that store since before it was even Nob Hill! I did not cross the picket line and it was a long time since I missed the friendly, familiar faces and the great store. Go shrimp salsa!
Ignorant comments
November 14, 2012
Cmmon people. It's easy to slam something without a well-thought out argument. People who are part of unions are not the enemy -- if you were part of a union you would be thankful for what they fought for. If you're going to slam something, at least explain yourself.
walrus lips
November 14, 2012
Unions need to vanish.
November 13, 2012
Why do Nob Hill and Raleys employees shop at target & walmarts on sundays & holidays ? their employees don't get extra money - they should support these employees by not shopping on those days until they get extra money !!

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