Letter: Chemtrails or fairy tales?
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This letter is in response to Shannon Weckman’s letter “Contrails or something sinister?” (Letters, Page 6, Feb. 1).

The idea that a contrail is in reality a chemtrail simply because it persists longer than she thinks likely is simply a fairy tale. Contrails are made up of a whole mix of chemistry, due to the fact that they are the exhaust gases emitted from burning jet fuel in a jet engine at high pressure. They contain hydrocarbons, a mix of various additives and water vapor. She should be more worried about what that does to the ozone layer. When that water vapor expands and hits the atmosphere, it can and does condense. The length of time it takes to dissipate depends on many things, including the density, relative humidity and temperature of the air in the particular layer of the atmosphere that the plane happens to be flying through. The visibility of the contrail is also dependent on the location of the sun in relation to the jet and your eye. Flying from one layer of atmosphere to another may cause the contrail to appear to stop instantly, as will flying into the Earth’s shadow so the sun doesn’t reflect off the contrail. High-altitude winds will spread the contrail materials, and if the temperature and humidity conditions remain consistent, the contrail will tend to spread out into wispy-looking clouds.

There is no scientific evidence that anyone is spraying anything in the atmosphere. I challenge Shannon to produce any. She won’t be able to, because there is none. YouTube videos do not comprise scientific evidence. Neither does any undocumented news article on the Internet. Wikipedia, for example, is not considered an academic or scientific source. I request that she please stop passing off hearsay as fact.

When she gets some real science that she can quote, let me know and I’ll happy to listen. Until then, I ask that she keep her rumors to herself.

Larry Cuprys, Felton

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Cee Cee
February 25, 2013
Larry, there are farmers and people that own private land that have requested to test the soil for different reasons. Either for purposes of purchasing land with intentions to use it for planting. Or farmers that having an existing plantation and after noticing a raise in strange problems in their produce decided to have the dirt tested. The soil tests were shared with the public and it showed just in the are of Santa Cruz abnormal high levels of chemicals that shouldn't be in the soil. The professionals doing this tests are very concern and after eliminating all possible known ways of contamination in the soil they are still left with a lot of questions. Some of them are beginning to take concern in this matter collecting test results. I can only tell you without compromising anyone at this time that I have personally witness this. And that is all I am going to say about that.

I can also tell you that so far the evidence shows that we are been poisoned. It is not only on the dirt but now the waters are been tested and so far the results have been the same as the test on the dirt.

I suggest that before you close your mind and judge so quickly you do a bit more of research on the subject. A little bit of common sense will take very far. Science doesn't have the answers and the proof to everything. As a matter of fact most of scientific information are only hypothesis.

March 11, 2013
Paranoia will destroy you....
John Silverman
March 16, 2013
Why? Why us? oh god in heaven WHYYYYY?

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