Letter: Natural environment is history
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As a retired geologist, natural scientist and historian, I found Ms. Carson’s column on domestic cats (“Domestic cats pose serious threat to native wildlife,” March 15, Page 9) a little ironic and more than a little self-delusional.

If she is truly interested in maintaining “the delicate balance of nature that has endured for thousands of years,” as she states in her column, then what she should do is pack up her cars, move out of this region, demolish her home and replant that neighborhood with the redwoods that were there originally.

It’s the redwood forest and canopy that represents the original “natural environment” of this area that existed for thousands of years before the white man moved in and started cutting them down for railroad ties, decks and patio furniture. And that is only within the past hundred years or so.

We need to understand that we are living in an artificial environment that we have created in our own image. How far back does she really want to go? That is the discussion we should be having before we all go around setting traps for and killing our neighbor’s pets.

James Ruiz, Felton

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