Water hike approved by Lompico water board
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Nearly 30 customers of the Lompico County Water District showed up Wednesday night at the Zayante Fire Department for a heated, and at times testy, two-hour public dialogue with the district’s board of directors on the merits of a proposed rate increase.

Any opposition fell by the wayside, however, as the board voted 4 to 0 — with board member Bill Smallman absent — to move forward with the plan that calls for a three-year rate increase; 18 percent beginning on Sept. 1, 5 percent on Sept. 1, 2014 and 5 percent on Sept. 1, 2015.

Smallman was present for the entire discussion but inexplicably left after public comment was over, just before the vote.

Board members argued that the increase was necessary to bring a crumbling infrastructure to code, as well as address massive debts brought on by state pension requirements.

Board member Rick Harrington said that, among the items that needed attention sooner, rather than later, are two water tanks and the Lewis Treatment Plant. Both tanks are leaking, he said, and are in dire need of replacement.

“That is a substantial amount of money, and we don’t have any of that,” Harrington said. “If we don’t get the rate increase, you accelerate the failure.”

Board member Sherwin Gott said that, although the district’s financial straits are dire, he disliked the idea of the rate increase — because the amount called for wouldn’t be sufficient for the district’s needs and he opposed the idea of having to pass another increase down the road.

“We are a small district,” Gott said. “There’s less that 500 of us to pay all the bills — this is not going to be enough.”

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Bill Smallman
August 25, 2013
To be honest, they ended the meeting before saying that a vote was to be taken. I would of voted "No". We voted a couple of months ago, and I voted yes then. I know that we are wasting about $50,000 on fixing the Lewis Treatment Plant. I felt the the District should get extra money only if it spent money very effectively on fixing problems to reduce the cost of merger. Lewis Treatment Plant is not even on the list of required fixes, so we do not need a updated remodel of the existing plant. I felt repairing the old, which worked before, would suffice, and the 55K applied elsewhere. The current Board, not agreeing with that, caused my disent. This was hard for me, because we have done exceptionally good work on all other issues.
August 28, 2013
You voted yes a couple of months ago, but you would've voted no? Like John Kerry who voted for the bill before he voted against it? Except you didn't vote, and didn't even know a vote was to be taken?

You outdid John Kerry by 2x. On both sides of the fence and on the fence and head in the sand. What a posture! A grand slam! Like the reporter said: inexplicable. No one could make this up.

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