Letter: New traffic light at Mount Hermon Road intersection long overdue
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Living in Scotts Valley, we are all aware of the dangerous intersection between Kmart and Safeway, turning left from either storefront onto Mount Hermon Road.

I've seen far too many near misses with drivers not quite understanding the concept of how yielding on green works.

Each time I sit at that intersection, I flinch at the pedestrians who are nearly hit by people turning left on green and vehicles turning left on green darting in front those going forward.

It's time we avoided daily near misses by installing a new left-turning arrow going from both directions from the Kmart parking lot and the Safeway parking lot.

Our town, its pedestrians and drivers would be much safer and better off having our money spent on that rather than lighted street signs.

Courtney Leonard, Scotts Valley

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Steve W
September 30, 2013

Its a good idea, however there is not enough room (on either side of Mt. Hermon) for dedicated lefthand turn lanes. The police should do more to ticket the poorly educated drivers who, as you point out, have no clue how to yield on a green light.

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