Letter: SLVWD in danger if becoming local version of Cal Am
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I am writing today regarding the exorbitant increase San Lorenzo Valley Water District is trying to push down our throats. I just keep saying to myself, "Are they kidding?"

Then I think about Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water and how the residents of Felton (and the Valley) got together to slay the evil corporation of Cal Am to keep our water service local and to fight against huge rate increases. Wait a minute, the exact thing we all banded together to fight is happening again, except not by a huge multinational corporation. No, it's happening by our very small local water company who has little oversight who now thinks they can do and charge whatever they want because they are the only game in town.  

SLV Water, are you sure you want to do this? Relying on the hope that you won't get 4,000 signatures by October 24, and that Prop 218 will allow this $6 million "campus" to be built on a swamp is no way to conduct business.

Valley residents, we must rise up again and fight the local giant this time. Send in your letters (although who is counting the letters? Hmmm seems like a conflict of interest to have the opposition letters sent to the water board secretary when there isn't one). SLV residents: Just say no!

Heidi Harris, Ben Lomond

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The Watchdogs
October 22, 2013
SLV Water Director Randall Brown Interviewed On KSCO 1080 AM

Director Brown discusses his reasoning for dissenting against the proposed rate increase. Our community should be proud to have him representing his constituents, rather then SLVWD's expensive pet projects.

Thank you, Randall, for your dedication to the SLV community.

Copy/Paste this URL into your web browser to hear the interview.

The Watchdogs
October 20, 2013
SLV Water Director, Randall Brown, Brings His Voice of Reason to Rosemary Chalmers, Good Morning Monterey Bay Radio Show (KSCO 1080 AM) on Monday Morning at 8:15

From the beginning, Director Brown has shown complete dedication to his SLV constituents and has continually questioned the excessive spending plans of the SLVWD board of directors.

“Hopefully, others on the board will rethink some of the assumptions behind the proposal and help craft a more reasonable alternative, but, unless it is significantly reduced, I will vote against it on October 24.”

Listen in on Monday morning to hear his dissenting position to the 65% rate increase that self-serving and entrenched SLV board members want to ram down onto the community.

Read more: Press-Banner - Commentary Water rate increase more about pet projects than improvements

Mark Messimer
October 19, 2013
Rosemary Chalmers to SLVWD Chairman Vierra: “Get a grip. Be an adult. Show up!”

Listen as Rosemary Chalmers, host of Good Morning Monterey Bay, KSCO 1080AM, updates her audience on Thursday night’s SLVWD Board Meeting.

Rosie, a Ben Lomond resident and SLVWD rate-payer has been a visible and out-spoken protester of the 65% rate increase. On Friday morning, she took to the airwaves and let it rip.

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