Letter: Logging project could have unforeseen effects on BC water
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A logging project is planned for an area essentially between Little Basin Road, West Hilton Drive and State Route 236 in Boulder Creek. The current plan for this project is to utilize West Hilton and Bloom Grade Road as access to this project, which will take place somewhere up Bloom grade (Bloom Grade goes all the way to Little Basin). This will mean heavy machinery and between 3 and 6 logging trucks per day will be traveling on these narrow roads. It also means there may be some adverse effects to the water supply operated by Big Basin Water Company as their Pond (water supply for the Boulder Creek Golf and Country Club area) is directly below the logging area.  Several homeowners in the area have expressed concerns about the safety of pedestrians, children and golfers/golf carts due to the large trucks driving these narrow winding roads, as well as what it could do to the already poor condition of the roads and infrastructure of the area. There is also concern about the fact the project has not researched the potential effects on the Big Basin Water Co's water supply for the area. If you wish to research this project further, all of the information is available at this web location: ftp://thp.fire.ca.gov/THPLibrary/North_Coast_Region/THPs2013/1-13-082SCR/

The deadline is February 3 to email Cal Fire about this project. Send comments to this email address: santarosapubliccomment@fire.ca.gov and please refer to Timber Harvest Plan (THP) 1-13-082 SCR.

Gregg Schlaman, Boulder Creek


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jill collen
February 01, 2014
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Gregg.

I live on W. Hilton and was clueless this was planned

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