Letter: Column strikes a loving chord
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Dear Colly (Gruczelak), I want to thank you for your wonderful column (Plain Talk About Food). I have come to look forward to it as I pick through the Press-Banner each week.

This week touched me (“Love unspoken and a ribeye steak,” Feb. 7, page 8), once again, and I just had to tell you. I can only hope many who read it will take your words to heart as there are no certainties as you say.

I used to visit my parents and sit across from them, their two chairs sitting side by side with only the reading lamp in between. I would nicely remind them to embrace their time together and to be in the moment. Holdings hands even if for a brief time or giving a deep hug with a heartfelt, I love you, is so important. Now, I know, when my mom watches Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy each night, by herself, her heart is a bit sad, but hopefully she took my words to heart and nothing got left behind.

These are the things we can only hope. Thank you again for all the great stories and the subtle hints you give. Along with your wonderful recipes your column makes for such a great part of our Press-Banner. By the way, I am married, but only for 21 years. Hopefully, I still have a long way for go!

Lisa Gwillim, Boulder Creek

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