Letter: Bag fees represent another hit to the pocketbook
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Soon Scotts Valley City Council will vote on the issue of starting to charge for paper bags at checkout.

They have, so far, taken the high road and allowed the public to spend only for the goods purchased, not a bag to put them in.

I hope the Scotts Valley council will continue to say to one and all, "No, we won't charge you for a bag on top of the monies you already chose to spend in our town."

I, for one, am tired of the non-stop new tax, fee, bond issue, or regulation.

I have already been hit by the Affordable Care Act costing me $400 more per month, after all, it is called the "Affordable" Care Act, let’s not now add insult to injury with a bag fee.

Dan Misko, Felton

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Theryl McCoy
March 03, 2014
This is not a bag fee, it is the cost of the bag that the ordinance is forcing retailers to charge. The problem with you republicans is that you are always wanting a free handout. If you want a bag you have to pay for it. Just like the rest of us!

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