Letter: Interconnection project will cost community's water sovereignty
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In the past, I enjoyed the 1960s television show “Get Smart.”

Unfortunately, the comedy is not broadcast by my service provider?

The main character is an idiotic — but lucky — secret agent, Maxwell Smart; who battles “The International Organization of Evil,” named KAOS.

We need to be more than lucky to protect ourselves, our families and our community.

If you have read my prior letters, then you know my message: "We need to think critically, discover the facts and make our own decisions.” Our water should be this community's No. 1 concern!

Our adversaries use propaganda, disinformation, false science and chaos against us. All these tactics will be deployed to gain control of our water.

Interconnection of water systems is the first step of the evil process. Then, a higher authority will be needed to represent the “bigger water community.”

Ultimately, our water rights and control will be stolen. Our rights to store water will be removed. Water costs will increase to effectively prevent most from growing their own nutritional food.

The community should intervene promptly to prevent water system interconnection beyond our borders.

Eric Bloom, Boulder Creek

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Bill Smallman
May 02, 2014
Eric, Your "me vs. them" attitude from a 60's TV show is delusional. Scott's Valley, Lompico, Santa Cruz, Soquel, and all the other water agencies in the County are not KAOS. They are fellow citizens. These water flow in these interconnect lines do not flow out of a water district in need, they are beneficial to provide water to those in need. Someday, it may be your group in need, and you will realize the greater good in all vs. divided groups.
Phil Potter
May 02, 2014
Bill, actually, the water is flowing out of a water district in need. SLVWD is in emergency water shortage mode. How does it make sense for a district in emergency water shortage mode to be sharing water (that it doesn't have) with another district just because it's presumably for the "common good"?
Bill Smallman
May 02, 2014
If that is the way you feel, than why not down size? Cut off all the higher elevation neighborhoods that SLVWD operates so you can keep all the water to yourself; that is for the next few year until you run out of water too.

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