Letter: Cal Am ad a reminder of the need for local water control
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I am baffled by the No on Measure O ad featuring one of my fellow Felton residents asserting that water rates have increased by 60 percent in our town.

After reviewing our financial records for the last 10 years, I determined that in 2013, we actually paid 44 percent less than we did in 2007, the year our water bill peaked.

Even with the cost of the purchase — which has been reduced due to the refinancing of the underlying bond — we are still spending much less than we did in 2007.

Are there some issues with the San Lorenzo Valley Water District’s management? Yes, but we can vote its directors out of office, an option we did not have under Cal Am’s ownership.

Is the town of Felton better off without Cal Am? Definitely!

I, for one, remember the bad old days of life under Cal Am: ever-escalating rates, shoddy repair efforts that turned Highway 9 into a bumpy adventure, and misleading propaganda about the supposed horrible consequences of our town taking control of our water.

Would I vote for public ownership again? Absolutely!

I will always be proud that our town looked corporate water in the eye … and won.


Toni Jeffrey, Felton

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Allegra Nguyen
May 15, 2014
Felton is far worse off now that SLVWD owns the water company.

Remember how FLOW promised SLVWD wouldn't pipe our water out of the valley? Do you know what they are doing right now?

Piping our water out of the valley.
May 18, 2014
Technically they aren't really piping water out of the valley, right? It's still in SLV
Hydra Hansen
May 19, 2014
SLVWD Intertie 1: Sims Road and La Madrona Drive, City of Scotts Valley; Pump Station: 6000 La

Madrona Drive.

SLVWD Intertie 2: Lockewood Lane and Skypark Drive, City of Scotts Valley; Pump Station: Either at the Oak Tree Villa Senior Living Facility, or within a linear park on Skypark Drive, assessor’s

parcel number (APN) 022-23-120.

SLVWD Intertie 3/4: East and West Zayante Road and Graham Hill Road (an option would bypass a

segment of this intertie and would be located on Conference Drive and Roaring Camp Road),

Santa Cruz County; Pump Station: On Summit Avenue, 150 feet north of its intersection with

Graham Hill Road.

SLVWD Intertie 4: Summit Avenue, Santa Cruz County; Pump Station: Same as Intertie 3.

SLVWD Intertie 5: Lake Boulevard, cross-country through a SLVWD utilities easement, and Zayante

Drive in Santa Cruz County; Pump Station: At SLVWD parcel off Zayante Drive, APN 074-


Intertie 6: State Highway 9 in Santa Cruz County, just south of the bridge over San Lorenzo

River; Pump Station: Caltrans right-of-way behind 304 Lazywoods Road.

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