Letter: Measure A Benefits All
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I am writing in support of Measure A because it would benefit everyone in Scotts Valley. This well-structured measure would provide funds that would stay local and be used almost entirely on a badly needed new middle school. Because a healthy fully-functioning community must have an excellent school system, everyone in Scotts Valley should support our youth and vote for Measure A. Children should be our number one investment because the payoff is so big. Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, community member, or business owner, you have a stake in our school system.

In addition, the quality of a school system has a major effect on the value of real estate in our community. In Santa Clara County, the County Assessor uses school district boundaries as a major determinant in assessing the value of properties. Individual homeowners and business property owners will all benefit from Measure A through higher property values.

Our kids have already gone through the local schools. They benefitted from a great education in Scotts Valley and are now successfully employed in the work world. I remember the poor condition of the middle school back then when our kids attended this school. Every time I visited the middle school with them, I would shake my head because I wouldn’t want to go to work in a building in such bad shape. It is clearly time to fix this problem.

So please vote for Measure A. 

Jack Dilles

Scotts Valley

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Big Paco 55
June 03, 2014
Vote NO on Measure A.

This will not increase your home value. This is what they want you to think. This will cost homeowners thousands of dollars over the 30 year bond. This is a Tax, they can all it whatever they want but it is a TAX. They don't know what the real cost will be, they don't know where they will house the kids during construction. My kid went to that school as well. Is it in good shape, NO. But that doesn't mean we have to borrow the money to build a new one. Everything the city wants to fix something they want to TAX us. NO. This is a albatross around our necks for 30 YEARS. Vote NO on A

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