Letter: Wildey Never Said Those Things
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To the editor:

For those who saw Leslie Steiner's opinion letter in this paper last Friday: Her accusation that Roger Wildey suggested the homeless should be driven into the trees and sprayed with hoses was simply not true. I don't publicly support one candidate vs. another, but I helped organize the forum so our neighbors could listen to all three sheriff candidates' statements to help them form their opinions about how to vote.

I listened carefully to all the comments and I confirmed with everyone I know who was there that Wildey definitely did not suggest what Ms. Steiner said. There are plenty of other reasons to choose one candidate vs. another; we don't need to muddy the waters with false accusations. Ms. Steiner's letter was a disservice to our community, and her behavior at the forum was aggressive. Some people heard her cursing at supporters of candidates she didn't like and saw her extending her middle finger to others. I don't mean for this to tarnish people's impressions of the candidate she supported; a candidate can't control one random supporter's behavior or words. I'm just saying that people should not base their voting decision on what she wrote last week.

Joni Martin


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No longer a Democrat
June 06, 2014
I'm really bothered that this woman was voted "Democrat of the Year" last year. I guess I've been a member of the wrong party for the last 30 years. I don't support the kind of behavior I witnessed at the meeting in the park, and I don't like reading lies being printed. Goodbye Democratic party!
Kendra T
June 03, 2014
Nice letter Joni. Thanks for setting the record straight. I was there too and watched the Democratic Committee's representative acting in an unseemly manner.

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