Letter: Expanded arrest logs highlight negative parts of community
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To the editor:


Reading the June 6 edition of the Press-Banner I was disappointed to find a whole page dedicated to Santa Cruz Co. arrest records. If people want to know all the bad things that happen in the county they can read the Sentinel or listen to the news if they so desire.


I always looked forward to reading the Press-Banner for its uplifting articles about what good is going on in the community, not a duplicate of what the Sentinel prints.


The Mark Your Calendar section was smaller than the arrest logs and only covered one week of events. My neighbors and I (and out-of-town guests) like to plan for things to come such as flea markets and community events. I think advertising for the community assures people will attend community events. What does the arrests logs do for the community of SLV other than make it depressing. How about giving that much space to Volunteering in the SLV? If you get one volunteer a week that would have been better money spent. Lets rise above the negative and make the Press-Banner a place where the SLV can go to see what is coming up (a month in advance), our success stories and how one can contribute to the success of the SLV and thus making it a positive for the community.



Mary Padelt

Ben Lomond

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Bill Smart
July 05, 2014
Well, the Press-Banner has quietly fired Chown after sales manager Elizabeth Trugman's son got a DUI and it was printed. It seems money is far more important than public safety, the community as a whole, not to mention ethics. What a joke! The Press-Banner isn't a newspaper and shouldn't pretend to be one. I will not shop at any business that supports DUIs and unlawfulness in our community. You shouldn't either.
Hillary Bryant
July 05, 2014
That's outrageous and hopefully not true. If it is, then the P-B should be ashamed of itself. Mr. Chown has a history in the area of being an excellent journalist. If he was fired for simply doing his job, I don't think I want the P-B in my house. I won't read it and won't support anybody who advertises in it.
Donna Merrill
July 07, 2014
@Hillary - it's one thing to be irritated at a dumb decision by the paper. It's even lamer to boycott businesses which choose to still advertise in the paper. Seriously.
Peter Trudelle
June 22, 2014
Yes, it can be unpleasant and present some risk to a few individuals, but a community that doesn't know who its police are arresting would present a far more terrifying risk for all of us.
June 19, 2014
I recommend and like having a whole page of the dispatch logs. Its reality and what goes on in our community and it is important information.

Please continue to post dispatch logs I know my family wants to read it.
Ronda Wilson
June 19, 2014
Yeah, but it's such a bummer. When are we going to be able to turn the corner from complaining to actually being able to do something about it...or getting our elected officials to do something about it.
Sam Smythe
July 05, 2014
They fired the editor for printing this important news. For a few weeks the Press-Banner was actually a newspaper.
Linda Pfeiffer
June 16, 2014
I'm torn on the arrest log naming names. On the one hand it's important information. On the other hand if the person was mistakenly arrested then this is an unnecessary mark on his or her name.

I do, however, agree that the community events should take up as much, or much more, space than the arrest log.

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