Fatal crash on Highway 17 shuts down roadway
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An early-morning accident involving a big-rig truck on northbound Highway 17 left one person dead and several others with serious injuries Thursday morning.

Commuters were redirected to detours as the northbound lanes were completely shut down for several hours.
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L. Jones
July 11, 2014
My heart goes out to everyone involved including Ellie my friend who was driving the white Mercedes. Reading about this tragedy, I am wondering if this truck had Jake brakes? Most trucks loaded with sand descending hwy.. 17 use Jake brakes. It's that weird sound from trucks that goes uugggghh. Jake brakes are an air brake. That way you don't smoke your regular brakes. I'm not a truck driver or anything. Just wondering.
E. Rhoades
July 17, 2014
We who have driven Hwy 17 for years know how fast those sand trucks go. That the driver of this sand truck is 26 years old speaks volumes about how this tragedy happened. Very few young men of that age could resist driving too fast, no matter what the vehicle - that's why their insurance rates are so high.

What matters here is that any one of us could be killed and/or have our lives changed forever because an inexperienced young man was driving too fast in a big sand truck on Hwy 17. The question is, what can we do about it?

No one wants more cameras watching what we do, but what if there were some cameras on Hwy 17 to snap drivers (and trucks) speeding, then send expensive tickets to the owners like the 'stop-light violation' cameras at busy intersections?

Please consider yourself, your family and your friends in this debate; it could have been any one of us who died that day because a young, inexperienced driver was going too fast in a heavily loaded sand truck.
17 commuter
July 24, 2014

I have commuted 17 since '87 and I've seen some pretty gnarly accidents. Regardless of the method (camera, increased patrols, etc.), people will continue to drive that road recklessly.

My condolences to all of those involved.

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