Scotts Valley school group urges 'yes' vote in Tuesday election
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The legislative action committee of Scotts Valley Unified School District has come out in favor of all six propositions on Tuesday’s election ballot.

“These are a set of propositions which all need to pass in order to restructure the budget so that we will not have to repeat the pink-slipping of thousands of teachers and further devastating cuts to education funding,” the committee said in a statement.

“We are past cutting the fat, past cutting the flesh, and the next set of cuts will cut to the very bone of education and will cripple the foundation of public education as we know it.”

The measures were placed on the ballot as part of the state Legislature’s budget-balancing negotiations. Lawmakers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger say more cuts will have to occur if the propositions don’t pass, although polls show five of the six propositions are failing among likely voters.

The committee, composed of district trustees, parents and employees, said:

  • Propositions 1A and 1B “would help to ensure a steady and predictable budget.”
  • Proposition 1C “is needed to fill a $5 billion hole in today’s budget” and its failure “would create a whole new wave of cuts or new taxes.”
  • Proposition 1D wouldn’t hurt children’s programs because the First 5 program “has a healthy reserve.”
  • Proposition 1E “is necessary to ensure ongoing and future education funding.”
  • Proposition 1F, the only one gaining approval in the polls, would prevent legislators from gaining a pay raise in years a budget is in deficit.
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Crazy Midget
May 16, 2009
Vote NO on all of these.

Have ya heard we are in deep doo doo financially?

Have you heard people are losing their jobs?

Have you heard Sacramento has INCREASED their budget by $5 billion from 2009 to 2010?

Why give them more money to squander?

Do the Nancy Reagan - Just Say NO!
Felton Resident
May 16, 2009
Don't you love how the politicians word these propositions. Please read beyond the title before you vote. Here's what the Americans for Tax Reform recommend:


This is the most important measure on the May 19 ballot and is the lynchpin of February’s budget agreement.

Prop 1A is nothing more than a massive tax increase masked as a phony spending limit.

The budget deal reached in February raised the state sales tax (already highest in nation), income tax (already highest in nation), and car tax for two years.

If Prop 1A passes, CA residents will see those tax hikes continue for yet another two years, at an added cost to the Golden. Vote No.


This measure is an attempt to modify some of the terms of California Proposition 98 (1998) in order to free up money to address the state’s overspending problem. Prop 1B would reinstate cuts made in the last round of budget negotiations. Those cuts were made to stave of further tax increases. If these funds are reinstated, taxpayers will yet again be on the hook. Approval of Prop 1B is contingent upon passage of Prop 1A. Vote No.


Allows the state to borrow $5 billion against future lottery sales, enabling the state to continue unsustainable spending and avoid needed reforms. The result will be nothing more than an issuance of IOU’s that taxpayers will have to pay back. Vote No.


Allows the state to modify the terms of Proposition 10 (1998 tobacco tax hike earmarked for children's health care). This measure is a bait and switch that allows revenue to go toward other purposes in order to support the state’s general overspending problem.


Allows the state to divert $230 million a year from Proposition 63 (surtax on the wealthy approved in 2004 to fund mental health programs) to offset general fund obligations. Like Prop 1D, this is a bait and switch on California voters that allows unsustainable governance to continue. Vote No.


Prevents pay increases for elected officials during budget deficit years. While this may sound good on its face, this proposition has no teeth and is all for show. Prop 1F only gives the Director of Finance the power to prevent the Compensation Commission from recommending pay increases during years in which there is a deficit. The legislature is still free to pass their own. Vote No.
Yikes 123
May 15, 2009
You go Ruben!

maybe check out the blog conversation by googling

"Marie Lakin prop 1D Ventura Star"

I think other people might be interested in hearing what you think too.
Ruben Leon
May 14, 2009
As an ex-employee of First 5 LA and Children's Hospital LA I've seen first hand how taxpayers monies have been spent on children 5 years and younger and in a few cases their respective families. No one can argue that a good percentage has gone directly to the 5 and under population but much more has been spend foolishly. Millions have been spend on consultants who take as much as three years to implement a new initiative (LA

's Best Babies, which by the way its director is the wife of Congressman Becerra) — in those three years not one child benefited from this initiative. Millions has been spent on marketing / PR (Hershey Advertising, Santa Monica $6 million to date. A $10 Million three story office building in Union Station. Wages that begin at $50,000 for an entry level person and the Executive Director Evelyn V. Martinez, making $300,000!

So when I worked at CHLA and enrolled an undocumented child of 4 years into First 5 LA Healthy Kids program, his mother could not understand why her other children could not be enrolled. When I had to advise her that it was only for 5 year olds and under she decided not to enroll her 4 year old, and proceeded to walk away with not only her 4 year old, but her 6, 9 and 10 year old siblings. How can First 5 LA justify having $2.2 Billion dollars in the bank and earning $millions each year and turning it's back on the rest of the children and families living in LA County.

yes, it's time to take charge of these monies and spread them to all other agencies, schools, foster-care etc. which will benefit all Californian's and not just a selected few.
Reallocate Tax Money
May 14, 2009
We can't afford more cuts or additional taxes and we certainly can't afford to neglect education.

The only rational answer is to re-allocate where the funds are spent.

For example in Scotts Valley roughly half of the entire city budget is spent on the Scotts Valley Police Department. We don't need to be spending that percentage in a small town that has virtually no crime. Cut the police budget by 25-30 percent and allocate the funds to the Schools.

The Scotts Valley police department doesn't need two dozen vehicles and a gas guzzling Swat Van but our children could use some new books and decent class sizes.
May 14, 2009
Here’s a one shot summary of everything that is 100% verifiably TRUE about First 5 and Prop 1D (from IRS docs, state audited financials and the First 5 databases)

For starters:

First 5 has $2 BILLION ONLY because it took 2 years for most of them to do their strategic plan AND they were not allowed to spend the funds coming in until they did.

It was NOT due to good planning! They were forced to save it and spend it slowly per their strategic plans. There is NO budget impact because they will use what they have in the bank to fund the 5 years of temporary sharing that they are being asked to do.

So, who can a person believe at FIRST 5 ?

1. Not First 5 commissioners, since IMO they “self deal”. For a clear example, check out Riverside First 5, whose Commissioners raked in 75% of all program funds in FY 07/08 – at least one resigned – and they had to restructure! See for more info. Julia Glick was the reporter. Check out your local First 5 to see just how true this is!

2. Not the First 5 lobbyist, Sherry Novick. She received over $1 MILLION of First 5 funds - $200K of which went into her pension account - IRS Form 990s say so! If Prop 1D passes, it cuts her off from receiving any new funds.

ALSO – audited financials show that First 5 does NOT spend responsibly:

1. First 5 spent over $100 MILLION on private evaluation consultants!

They are on track to spend $500 MILLION on evaluation within 15 years

And $1 BILLION within 25 years! Where’s the beef? Where’s the results? Nada!


First 5 spent $500 MILLION on ADULTS in a program called CARES.

They gave Master's degree holders up to $5,000 just to stay in their jobs!

Not a documented penny went to children 0 to 5! This money went up in smoke?!

Can anyone say POOF?

Google “lakin ventura Star deception 1d” OR “melissa prop 1d baby killer smokers” for links to data and more in depth discussion.

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