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Letter: An urgent call to all cell phone drivers


The other day, a woman driving a large, red truck came down Roaring Camp Road and ran the stop sign onto Graham Hill Road while talking on her cell phone.

This woman almost killed my friend in a smaller sedan. He was forced to drive into oncoming traffic to avoid being hit by her.

He did survive.

I plead – please do not use your cell phones while your car is moving. Please!

Alecia Morgan,


Letter: SLVWD Ratepayers risk getting Hammered


I've attended dozens of SLV Water District meetings this last year. I know the issues well, including who are/were involved, concerned citizens attending.

Eric Hammer, who filed (last minute) to run in the upcoming election, was never at any of those meetings – 100 percent absent.

He repeatedly failed to even return calls requesting his help on SLVWD issues. His failure to do anything helpful showed Mr. Hammer's intent.

He's a construction firm owner who refused requests to stand with the public in the widely supported “Stop The Campus” grassroots effort through official ballot.

Through absence and deliberate avoidance, Mr. Hammer implicitly supported wasting millions on a campus that does nothing to improve systemwide infrastructure, increase capacity, or fix leaks, forcing 7,300 ratepayers $9 million into debt financing unnecessary, large, campus construction.

In this drought, we need to focus on fixing leaks, upgrading infrastructure, and replacing rotting tanks – which Mr. Hammer showed he's not interested in by his 100 percent absence from last year's SLVWD board meetings.

Rates have already increased 11 percent in 2014, and SLVWD intends more hikes soon. Meanwhile, Mr. Hammer has spoken compliments about this Board.

He's never stood up for ratepayer protection, so don't expect that from him. How much might rates increase if Mr. “Construction” Hammer gets elected?

I wouldn't be surprised if big buddy builders of expensive building projects are his biggest supporters.

Karen Brown's a “Real McCoy,” she's attended every meeting I've attended, and more, including SLVWD Committees.

Karen filed promptly to run in the upcoming election, consistently she's voiced strongly against putting 7,300 ratepayers $9 million into debt for the presently “on-hold” extra-large campus for SLVWD's 24 employees.

Karen's spoken 100 percent consistently at a full year of SLVWD meetings, saying: Repairing infrastructure, increasing capacity, fixing leaks, with fiscal prudence to keep rates down, must be the district's top priorities.

Nick Naccari,

Ben Lomond


Letter: Roadside animal euthanasia unnecessarily inhumane


On Thursday morning – Aug. 21 – my boyfriend and I were passing through Boulder Creek in our car, when we witnessed a dead deer alongside the road, that apparently been hit by a car and injured.

A California Highway Patrolman had put a noose around the deer's neck and then strangled it to death, in front of several witnesses.

All of the people were visibly shocked and upset by this behavior.

I have heard from a friend that had hit a deer with his car that the attending highway patrolman had used the same means to kill that deer, as well.

I believe that strangulation is the protocol for injured deer on the road, but I find that method of "euthanasia" horribly cruel and inhumane.

Also, what a terrible thing for people to witness!

My suggestion is that CHP officers call Santa Cruz County Animal Control, so that they could respond, to give the animal an injection.

That would be less painful and frightening for the deer, and less upsetting for bystanders.

Megan Keefe,

Boulder Creek


Letter: Time for more food options in Scotts Valley


We have been Scotts Valley residents for 34 years. We have seen restaurants come and go.

Since there are three new commercial buildings being developed on Scotts Valley Drive at the Woodside development, now is the time!

While we are very grateful for the eating places we currently have, now is the time for the food gods to step up and bring in more choices for the Scotts Valley residents who are desperately seeking places to dine out!

I know I speak for others who would welcome more choices such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse restaurants.

Will somebody please respond to our request?

Joy Bertrand,

Scotts Valley

Letter: A hot car with open windows is still a hot car for a furry dog


Today, I stopped for lunch in Scotts Valley. I parked next to a car occupied by a huge, very furry, Bernese Mountain Dog. It had one thick fur coat on.

While the car windows were open, it was clear the dog was hot, but I thought surely its master would come back soon.

When I left the restaurant more than an hour later, the poor dog was still there, panting and liquid was streaming from it's nostrils.

My car's thermometer registered 83 degrees.

It took me another 10 minutes to track down the owner, who was very busy chatting with some friends in Starbucks.

Please, folks, imagine yourself sitting in a car for more than an hour, wearing a fur coat in 83-degree weather.

Really, this is no way to treat your loyal companion.

The next time I see this, I will contact the Scotts Valley Police Department or whichever agency is in charge.

To the poor dog, next time I see you in this situation, I will take you to my home where you will be treated like the beautiful animal you are.

Julie Hendriks,

Boulder Creek

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W Brown
August 31, 2014
Would like to second the request by the reader that said Scotts Valley needed more restaurant options. Her suggestions for Olive garden or Red Lobster were excellent. Please no more fast food outlets. Our movie theatre draws from all over the county, why wouldn't good restaurants/
August 30, 2014
I am shocked and sickened to learn about the method used to kill injured deer. Being strangled to death does not fall under humane euthanasia, so why is it even allowed!? I think I will write a letter to the CHP to tell them exactly what I think of this practice.
August 30, 2014
We should all phone and write the CHP to protest this abuse as well as call the animal services with our concerns. As awful as it sounds., most police officers will shoot the deer to put it out of it's misery, much quicker than strangulation...sadly Megan, the animal services will euthanize same way. No injections.I really find this whole thing so hard to believe...cruel and inhumane...terrible!

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