String of SV burglaries has police looking for leads
by Peter Burke
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Scotts Valley police are investigating five burglaries of small commercial business on Scotts Valley Drive that occurred in the past month-and-a-half.

Scotts Valley Outdoor Power, Encore Fashion, Scotts Valley Tae Kwon Do, Classic Hair and Angles 5000 salon were each broken into and had cash and various items stolen.

“We’re bummed out,” Angles 5000 owner Maggie McReynolds said of her store’s July 18 burglary. “Everyone feels really violated.”

Between $4,500 and $5,000 in various items and cash, including 16 pairs of clippers and trimmers, were stolen from the shop.

“They tossed the place,” Reynolds said. “It looked like an earthquake in here.”

Reynolds said in the 10 years she has owned the shop, there’s never been a burglary. Sometimes, employees would even leave doors unlocked or open when they went home for the evening.

“They had a false sense of security — that’s now gone,” she said.

The burglaries began with the theft of a generator valued at $1,800 from Scotts Valley Outdoor Power on June 3. Next, Encore Fashions was broken into June 17, followed by cash and a computer being taken from Scotts Valley Tae Kwon Do on June 20.

Finally, on July 18, both Classic Hair and Angles 5000 were ransacked.

“Six commercial burglaries in 1½ months is higher than we’re used to, but it’s not astronomical,” Sgt. Jayson Rutherford said.

However, the proximity of the burglaries leads police to believe it is the same person or persons are committing the crimes.

“Five of the six commercial burglaries (since June 1) are on the 5000 block of Scotts Valley Drive,” Rutherford said.

There were also three residential burglaries within a month in small neighborhoods in the Granite Creek area.

Burglars struck homes on June 3, June 10 and July 5. In the first burglary, tools were taken from an open garage. In the following two, the homes were broken into.

It does not appear the residential burglaries are related to the commercial burglaries because of the separate locations, Rutherford said.

“We have a few leads and we’re doing everything we can to identify somebody,” Rutherford said.

Rutherford added that police are looking for additional tips, and they encourage anyone with information to call 438-8090.
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Rosco agian
February 28, 2011
guess i should have proof read before posting... now i look like a dummy.. lol.. learn english ... stay in school.. lol..
rosco peeko train
February 28, 2011
I have to say the svpd are not the brightest bunch, nice people, but when it comes to solving crimes.. that's another story.. my laptop computer was stolen from my house. only one person was a suspect. I told the police, exactly who, what, when, and where, .... guess what they said to the guy... nothing at all, did not even question him..They did ask the other person who I told them had nothing to do with the missing laptop, but gave the guy access to my place out of innocence to fix something... you could clearly see that he was a meth addict and probably the same person who has been hitting up all the places on sv drive.Barney Fife is a genius when compared to the svpd and Gomer Pile look even smarter... but, what can you do.. too bad kindness of the police doesn't do much for keeping the actual crime from stopped or the criminal from being detoured from committing more burglaries..
wes hilton
July 28, 2009
Silly person...the SWAT Team would need to be summoned by the Scotts Valley Deptment of Homeland Security as authorized by Barney Fife.
Out of Control Crime
July 24, 2009
Quick. Bring out the Scotts Valley SWAT Truck and Swat Team.

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