Ben Lomond man admits to molesting child
by Michelle Camerlingo
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Thomas DeMayo
Thomas DeMayo
Thomas Francis DeMayo of Ben Lomond has pleaded guilty to molesting the young daughter of a longtime friend and faces at least 24 years in prison, according to the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office.

DeMayo accepted a plea agreement Nov. 9.

Prosecutor Andrew Isaac said DeMayo admitted to molesting a child younger than 14 and committing three separate lewd acts with a child. DeMayo had no prior criminal history and was a close friend of the girl’s father.

The plea agreement will save the 8-year-old from testifying at a trial, Isaac said.

Isaac said DeMayo vaginally penetrated the victim with his finger, which alone is enough to put him behind bars for 15 years to life.

“The four crimes he pled guilty to add up to at least 24 years in prison,” Isaac said.

The former New York state resident confessed to sheriff’s detectives when he was arrested in June. The abuse allegedly began in January 2008 and continued into May 2009, when the crimes were brought to the parent’s attention.

Isaac said that DeMayo lived alone in Ben Lomond and most of his family is on the East Coast. During his confession, he admitted to victimizing two other girls in the past.

“He also admitted to having a long-term interest in children,” Isaac said.

Isaac said the victim, who was molested by DeMayo when she was 6 and 7 years old, told her parents what was going on after they bought her a book about going through puberty.

“She’s an extremely bright and precocious little girl,” Isaac said. “She asked her mother about things like where do babies come from and then basically said, ‘Tom does this stuff to me.’”

Her parents went straight to Child Protective Services to report the abuse, who then contacted the sheriff’s office.

DeMayo was arrested at his home on Alba Road on June 3 and is set for sentencing on Dec. 28. He could face 24 years to life in prison.

DeMayo’s court-appointed attorney, Michelle Lipperd, declined to comment for this report.

Once DeMayo goes to prison, he is not required to undergo any type of counseling. If released, he will be required to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, Isaac explained.
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MS in BD
November 17, 2009
No, she didn't say most men can't be trusted, she said most men CAN be trusted. But then her logic turns upside down because she concludes it's better to trust no men.

Lady, I don't trust YOU!
get real!
November 11, 2009
Get real lady! This man was a CLOSE friend whom the family thought they could trust. The world is infiltrated with these bad seeds and people need to be more aware than EVER before when it comes to the safety of themselves and loved ones. You are generalizing unfairly that most men can't be trusted and that a mother would be blatant in leaving their child unsupervised with one! I'm sure the family is assuming some guilt of their own- as they surely feel a bit responsible (and rightfully so) for not cluing into this 6 mos. long crime spree!!! A terrible thing indeed- be careful who you trust. (or who your spouse trusts, anyway)
November 10, 2009
I strongly encourage parents to not allow MEN to be alone with their children. While MOST men we don't have to worry about, 90% of molesters are men. Simply preventing your children to be left alone with men is a huge step in protecting them from these guys. Pedophiles are experts at convincing you they can be trusted with their children. How can you tell who can and cannot? Is it worth the risk? Nope. Am I willing to hurt the feelings of some men in order to protect my kids? Yup.

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