BC Rec moves forward in grant race
by Peter Burke / Press-Banner
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Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks District is doing all it can to win a $5 million grant that would launch the building of a new recreation headquarters in downtown Boulder Creek.

Nearly 30 people attended a meeting Saturday, Jan. 30, to talk about a future meeting place and recreation center.

“It was a good turnout — people were really energetic,” district manager Christina Horvat said.

Meetings like Saturday’s earn the district “points” toward winning the $5 million, a grant from Proposition 84 that California voters passed in 2006. Of the $5.4 billion bond, $368 million is available for parks in the state — half this year and half two years from now.

The grant application is due by March 1.

John Courtney, the principal of RJM Design Group of Sacramento, gave a digital presentation at the Saturday meeting at the Boulder Creek Rec Hall.

“I was stunned, to be perfectly honest, with the overwhelming amount of involvement,” Courtney said. “There were more people at the workshop than at any other I’ve done (for the Proposition 84 grant).”

Courtney, whose company will write the grant application, collected ideas from members of the community and district leaders. He will return next weekend, at 10 a.m. Feb. 13, for a second workshop to consolidate the ideas and work to finalize the grant proposal.

Ideas include a gymnasium with basketball hoops, a meeting room, classrooms, offices and other amenities in a facility that could be 20,000 square feet. The district has signed a letter of intent with property owner John Scopazzi to buy four adjacent parcels on South Street and Highway 9, at the south end of Boulder Creek.

Even if the district does not win the grant, leaders hope to move forward with the new headquarters, although it would require creative financing or a ballot measure to raise the needed cash.

The district is also refurbishing Garrahan Park at the north end of town with a grant from California State Parks. Work will start in April on a new picnic area, outdoor exercise equipment and a walking track around the park.
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February 13, 2010
If you are Renters, then shut up. Move somewhere else.

If you are the owners of the property, then you have every right to gripe.

Redwood Elementary sitting there vacant is a huge waste. It would be perfect and probably cost less in the long run....however, that would make sense....I thought we were in a huge recession right now?
J. B.
February 13, 2010
I attended a community meeting today about the grant application for the proposed new Recreation Center. There seemed to be 2 basic sorts of attendees. People who had participated in previous meetings and people who had just found out about them. Most of the people in the 2nd group seemed to live in the neighborhood where the Center would be built and were upset that their quiet neighborhood was to be commandeered by a public recreational complex as a done deal when they hadn't been informed about it. The first group just wanted the 2nd group to sit still and listen to the planned presentation about use of the property. The lone board member present said opinions against the property could be expressed at the next board meeting after the said property had been approved for the grant. The property in question was most of the block between Grove and South streets bordered by Highway 9 and Boulder St.
concerned resident
February 12, 2010
Living nearby, I walk or drive by the proposed site of the new Rec center most every day. Having grand plans is all very well, but why demolish these pleasant properties along Highway 9, not to mention the one on South St that will change the character of the beautiful Boulder St neighborhood. Is this quiet place the right place for a necessarily noisy 20,000 sq ft Rec Center with Gymnasium and basketball courts? I agree with others that there would be a likely negative impact of traffic, noise, loitering, crime and lowered property values there. The Rec Center needs to be somewhere else.

I agree also with "ohno" who points to the large, empty Redwood Elementary facility with it's huge field, playgrounds, basketball courts, and classrooms already built with good money just waiting to be fully useful again.
February 10, 2010
Please do not let this rec center be built where they are thinking. That is our neighborhood... all houses...a nice little mountain community. The rec center will only bring in too much traffic, people ad crime. Terrible place for it.

Why on earth don't t they use that huge empty Redwood elementary school on Highway 9 here in Boulder Creek? That would be the perfect solution and spot. What a waste of money that was. I know our neighborhood will fight against putting the rec center on their street. Somewhere else please! Mr. S is one big greedy man!
February 10, 2010
Please do not put the rec center there. All homes are here... our mountain community/neigborhood. Putting a rec center there will be terrible. It will bring in too much traffic, people and crime. We live here, we do not want to be next door to that. Why on earth don't they use that huge, fairly new , empty Redwood elementary school on Highway 9 in Boulder Creek? That would be the perfect spot.It has been empty for years. What a waste of money that was. Use it for a rec center.

Our community will fight against putting the rec center on South street. Bad move. Very bad move.

All it is is greed on the part of the person who owns that property.

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