Editorial: Vote for Laird for Senate
by Press-Banner editorial board
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In a special election that never should have been special, we endorse John Laird for state Senate in the 15th District.

Laird is a politician and educator who we think is the best man for the job. He knows the lawmaking and budgetary process inside and out and would still be in the Assembly had he not been termed out in 2008 after six years on the job.

As an assemblyman, Laird led the budget committee for four years and supports the idea of a simple majority to pass a state budget.

Of equal importance are Laird’s unwavering stance against offshore oil drilling and his voting record on environmental issues and state parks. Laird, a Santa Cruz resident, has always opposed drilling off our precious coast and has worked hard to protect state park funding. The San Lorenzo Valley has two state parks that provide beautiful oases from the surrounding cities, bring in tourist dollars and help make the area stand out. Laird knows this firsthand, and we expect he will keep his home in mind while crafting legislation and voting on state park-related bills.

In his favor, Laird called on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Laird’s Republican opponent, Sam Blakeslee, to postpone the June 22 special election to a regularly scheduled election date to make the short-notice vote accessible to more voters. Instead, next week’s election will cost Santa Cruz County several hundred thousand dollars, in a time when it is running on a shoestring budget.

Laird’s chief opponent is Assemblyman Blakeslee, R-San Luis Obispo, a fiscal conservative who supports a spending cap for the state. He hopes to stimulate the economy by supporting job creation in the area of energy and energy conservation. He said in a Press-Banner interview that tax increases might need to happen, but they should be supported only as a last resort.

We feel Blakeslee has been unfairly labeled “Oil Man Sam” by the Democratic Party. He has said he worked as a research scientist for Exxon but left the company after it refused to donate some abandoned wells for research purposes. His record indicates he is a moderate on environmental causes and has co-authored bills to reduce greenhouse emissions and support renewable energy. He has also voted against drilling off the coast on several occasions.

Despite Blakeslee’s good qualities, Laird’s environmental work, local ties and goal of streamlining the state’s budgetary process warrant a vote from the residents of Santa Cruz County.
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R. Krotzer
July 16, 2010
As a 16 year state employee, I no longer have a job because of the state general fund. John Laird is the primary reason.
No Libs
June 22, 2010
No way. This guy is a left wing liberal. No more liberal Democrats or Democrats of any kind.
Gene G.
June 19, 2010
John Laird is the worst candidate for the state Senate seat! He is personally responsible for contributing to the out of control spending of our state government!

Californians pay more in taxes than every state in the union except New York, and our state government grossly overspends those revenues! John Laird’s approach to solve the problem is to spend more. To get the facts, just look at his record!

We Californians removed Grey Davis in a strong message to bring California spending under control. Unfortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not strong enough and caved to the state legislature. We made the mistake of not changing the state legislature at the same time.

Let’s correct that mistake and get people like John Laird out of California government, and replace them with people who will effectively manage spending to be within their income, and not continually increase the amount that they take out of our pockets.

Maleia Kona
June 18, 2010
Our local press has no choice but to endorse the Democrat candidate - regardless how dreadful a representative he or she is.

The Sentinel is actually far worse than the Press Banner which, on occasion, will stand on principle.

The local media is afraid of a conservative label, having bought the BS for so long.

Little do they realize, a moderate voice would actually find the most interested readers and advertisers, yes even in Santa Cruz County.
omg are you for real
June 18, 2010
What a waste of room in the paper i realize this paper is at best pathedic but it truly is out of touch with this city and realities of who created many of the problems in this state please do not vote for Laird we can not afford him anymore.
Ezra Graham
June 17, 2010

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