Letter: Vote on Senate race
by Mardi Brick
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I was very pleased to see the Scotts Valley Press-Banner on the John Laird for Senate brochure endorsing his candidacy.

Even though I’m not a resident of Scotts Valley, I would like to urge Scotts Valleyans who care to cast their vote in the Aug. 17 special election for the 15th District Senate seat.

As a former assemblyman representing the folks in Santa Cruz County, we know he will care about offshore oil drilling, our children’s education, jobs for California workers and other important issues. We need a local Bay Area senator with first-hand knowledge about our Central California problems, and John Laird is our man.

Please, Scotts Valley voters, put a big red X on your calendars on Aug. 17 and get yourself and your friends, relatives and neighbors down to the polls. It’s important!

Mardi Brick, Santa Cruz

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Eco Eva
September 12, 2010
It is a blessing to our 15th District that Mr Laird failed in his attempt to continue his ludicrous batch of pseudo-policies.

Sigh of relief....
September 12, 2010
Mardi Brick:

The only reason I voted in the expensive special election was to vote against Mr.Laird.
one-term President
August 19, 2010
Laird was endorced by Obama. The kiss of death! Kalifornians might just be getting a little smarter!
Some person
August 14, 2010
"...Scotts Valleyans who care ..."

I guess if we don't vote for laird we don't care huh? Typical left-wing guilt trip trying to guilt you into voting for him because they don't have anything of real substance to run on.

"...our children’s education,..."

And of course got to use the children to pull on your heart-strings.

Typical left-wing BS.

Eco Bob
August 12, 2010
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!

Not Laird, please not Laird! He is not the eco greeny he claims to be.

Please, anybody but Laird!!

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