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October 24, 2021

State imposes more Covid restrictions as cases increase

Watsonville coronavirus
SANTA CRUZ—Santa Cruz County on Tuesday moved back to the more restrictive red tier of the state's Covid-19 reopening plan, meaning that many businesses and services must once again take a step back in their services, and in the customers they can allow in. According...

Plans for Scotts Valley Target head to Planning Commission

Scotts Valley Mayor Derek Timm target
Last October, when Mayor Derek Timm learned the community had been selected by Target Corp. as the site of one of its next locations, he was elated. “I called the city manager and said ‘You’re not going to believe this,’” he said, remembering the exchange...

County releases Thanksgiving Covid guidelines

Santa Cruz County
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Health officials from eight Bay Area counties on Monday issued a set of guidelines created to keep families safe from Covid-19 during the holidays. The recommendations cover travel and gatherings. The health officers from the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco,...

Reindeer Run continues sprint toward success

Reindeer run 5k
If necessity is the mother of invention, then the pandemic has proven to be the father of reinvention. The Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District (BCRPD) has long provided education, exercise, entertainment and support for local families. Since the addition of Hallie Greene as general...

Supervisors approve changes to Public Defender office

Larry Biggam santa cruz county public defender office
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a plan to move the county’s public defender services from a private law firm to one run by the County. The plan has garnered support from the current public defenders, as well as...

Stop the bait-and-switch with your tax dollars, save Scotts Valley Police Department

letters to the editor
By Scotts Valley Police Officers’ Association  Our fellow community members, tax payers and friends, your dedicated Police Officers’ Association can no longer remain silent about a lack of transparency regarding the critical status of your police department, the dramatic decrease in services (resulting in spiking...

Search for talent is on in SV

Step aside, American Idol. Aspiring young singers, actors, dancers, musicians and the like have a chance to compete in the annual Search for Talent put on by the Exchange Club of Scotts Valley.

Felton’s abuzz about incoming brewery

humble sea felton cremer house
There are dream jobs, and then there are DREAM JOBS. Racing Formula 1 cars? Check. Playing for the NBA? Check. Stylist to the stars? Check. Head of marketing for Humble Sea Brewery? Check, if you’re Lee DeGraw.  Although she’s been driving the brand’s marketing for...

BCFPD readies for debris flows

CZU August Lightning Complex
Editor’s note: This is the first entry in a multi-part series about debris flows and what local first responders are doing to prepare for a possible event. Boulder Creek Fire Protection District Chief Mark Bingham has seen fire. For the better part of this fall,...

Dave Poetzinger to retire after 28 years of coaching at SLV

San Lorenzo Valley High football coach Dave Poetzinge
FELTON—Dave Poetzinger, who has spent the past 28 years as a coach at San Lorenzo Valley High School, has put on the headset for the final time. The Cougars’ lead man coached his final game on April 17 against Harbor High. His student-athletes gave him...



Police: Child Nearly Stolen From Grandfather’s Arms

A woman in her mid-30s is facing a felony child abduction charge after she tried to steal a toddler in Scotts Valley, authorities said. Several...