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September 28, 2021

Ocean fishing heats up

School will be out soon, and there are lots of fishing opportunities to be had. From camping trips to local spots, fresh- and saltwater fishing gets good in the summer.

It’s summer – and that can mean fod poisoning

Summer is the time for picnics and social gatherings. This brings about an increased chance of food poisoning — vomiting and/or diarrhea brought on by eating contaminated food.

Something missing? Maybe you need more than color

By this time of year, you probably have planted some new perennials for color in your garden. But if you look around and still feel something is missing, the answer may be that your landscape needs more than color.

Spotlight: Huge book sale

Browse for new-to-you reading material while you help the libraries — including the Scotts Valley, Felton and Boulder Creek branches — in this age of severe budget cutbacks.

Club roundup

Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley

Wine-tasting 101: the four factors

Wine tasting is fun for any of a variety of reasons, but it becomes even more enjoyable when you are able to distinguish one wine from the next and speak about them with some intelligence.

Summertime and the gardening is easy

Our summer unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day weekend. What better way to start the season than to spend some time outdoors and do a little gardening?