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January 19, 2021

Governor Releases New Framework For Reopening

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday released a new framework for COVID-19-related economic restrictions. Built on a four-tier system, the uniform framework includes four colors, with the Purple Tier 1 representing the highest level of restrictions. Counties move through Red Tier 2, Orange Tier 3 and

Letters to the Editor, August 14th

More Walking Space Needed on Highway 9 in Felton

Opinion, July 31st

PG&E -Threatening our Safety Pt 2

Letters to the Editor, June 26th

I am writing to state disappointment with the SC City Council for approving the massive Tesla-only charging station in Kings Village Shopping Center. Scotts Valley has exactly one other EV charge station which is at the Walgreens also in Kings Village. That one is rarely used because it is not a common brand and most people with EV cars do not have accounts with that company. There are many non-Tesla EV's driving around Scotts Valley and SLV. I see them all the time. To approve so much space for Tesla-only charging is disgraceful. They should have required that each charge station support any EV. If that is not technologically possible they should have required one conventional Level-2 charge station for every one or two Tesla chargers. I suggest replacing some of the dozen or so that were installed with chargers that can be used by a wider variety of consumers. Teslas can use convention charge stations, but non--Tesla EVs can NOT use these Tesla chargers. Did anyone in the planning department even look into the overall E=V charging situation in Scotts Valley before approving these? It seems not.

Letters to the Editor, June 12th 2020

I found Pastor PJ Davis's column ("Time to Gather") in the May 22, 2020 edition of the Press Banner somewhat disconcerting and misleading.  While I understand the frustration that Pastor Davis and his congregation must be feeling, Pastor Davis seems to imply churches are being unfairly discriminated against, and I see no evidence of that.  In fact, this issue has already been litigated, and multiple judges have disagreed with Pastor Davis's assessment.  US District Judge Jesus G. Bernal wrote, 

Opinion, May 22nd

     Massive slaughterhouse closures are driving U.S. consumers to plant-based meat products, as sick workers pay the price.

Opinion, April 24th

My name is Ella Nielsen, 7th grade student at Kirby School, writing to address global warming, and how it affects us. 84 percent of the USA’s greenhouse gases are created through the production of energy, and 40% of that energy is used to make electricity. The building up of the greenhouse gases created through this process can affect the climate, and result in global warming. This can affect sea level, the severity and frequency of natural disasters, as well as harm life on this planet. Additionally, climate change can cause a huge increase in expenses. For example, the amount people spend on heating and cooling could increase by 10 percent. The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) predicts that with a “6.3 to 9°F temperature increase, climate change could increase the need for additional electric generating capacity by roughly 10-20% by 2050. [Which could] require hundreds of billions of dollars in additional investment.” Most of our energy comes from coal, petroleum, and natural gases, all of which have a negative effect on the environment. Even though over the last 14 years the usage of coal has gone down by 50%, natural gases have mostly made up for that loss, by increasing their production by 200% while Renewable resources still account for only around 17.5% of the US’s energy.