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August 11, 2022

The Benefits Of Short Training Sessions

Ashley LaMorte
How many of us are short on time, but still want to get our training in. We don’t necessarily need to spend an hour or more training each day. The benefits of shorter sessions provide increased flexibility in your daily schedule and allow you...

Tiny Homes Can Be A Part Of Our Solution

bruce mcpherson
As we head toward spring, I’m excited about a new affordable and environmentally friendly housing initiative that could address development challenges in the Fifth District, especially for CZU Fire survivors in search of alternatives to costly or complicated rebuilds. The County’s Planning Commission recently indicated...

Keeping ‘Hope’ Alive Today

plain talk about food
There is a fine line between hope and expectations. In the latter, you are mostly depending on others to help you achieve an end to your desires, whereas hope is a positive feeling generated from within oneself—a desire that something might happen. Emily Dickinson’s metaphor...

Improve the Way You Move

Janet Janssen
I had wondered why stretching my left arm above my head hurt so much. After several sleepless nights and experiencing high pain levels, I called my doctor. Her assessment alarmed me, but I insisted on X-rays. I am officially a senior citizen; I can...

How to Support Our Youth

Maaliea Wilbur
Nationwide, suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Locally, teen suicide has hit all too close to home in recent weeks and years. While the subject of suicide is hard to think...

I Can No Longer Stay Quiet: We Can Do Better

Tricia Montalvo Timm headshot
I have sat quietly on the sidelines for most of my life. Quiet on the playground when kids would utter the words “beaner” or “spic” when talking about kids who looked like me.  Quiet in the boardroom when executives would roll their eyes about having to...

A Love-Hate Affair With Football

Plain Talk about food
Let’s be honest here. Many women hate NFL Football—plain and simple. I fall into the group of women who have suffered through season after season of this violent contact sport. There are, however, women who love this sport as much as men, some even...

The Next Generation of Leadership

Cabrillo College
“The Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changed our relationships between work and family life as well as institutions, health care, government and employers—not to mention the traditional approaches in how we manage our performances in business.” Now, many companies are seeking ways to retain employees. Productive supervision...

Why Have We Waited So Long?

This week I decided to cook one of my oldest and most labor-intensive desserts that took many trials and errors in the process of getting just right: Flambéed Crepe Suzettes. Now, this creation requires making the crepes and having on hand oranges, lemons, Grand...

The Green Aluminum Salad Bowl

In the 1950s, aluminum became popular with housewives in the form of drinkware, serving dishes and cookware. In Watsonville and living on Green Valley Road, five miles outside of town, we were serviced by the milkman driving his milk truck twice a week. Not only...



Ukrainian Festival Supports Refugees Through Cultural Education

On Tuesday, Morgan Hill-based woodworking business California Craft House had to pull out of Sunday’s fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees set to be held in...