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April 23, 2021

We the people deserve better

We the people are watching our country burn, seeing images on television and social media of police in riot gear storming our nation’s capital...

Benefits of bodyweight training

By Ashley LaMorte As we bring in a new year, many of us set new goals for ourselves. Such as eating cleaner, or starting a...

Carrying our resiliency into 2021

By Bruce McPherson, County Supervisor This year began like many other years—unpredictable but full of promise. What we experienced, managing twin crises, was a test...

We must remain united

By Derek Timm, Scotts Valley Mayor Our Scotts Valley Police Officers do so much for our community, and everyone in leadership agrees that we want...

Stop the bait-and-switch with your tax dollars, save Scotts Valley Police Department

By Scotts Valley Police Officers’ Association  Our fellow community members, tax payers and friends, your dedicated Police Officers’ Association can no longer remain silent about...

Issues from 2020 will follow us into 2021

By Bruce McPherson, County Supervisor It’s an understandable instinct at the end of each calendar year to wrap up undone business and start the new...

Opinions, October 9th

The CZU Lightning Fire has heightened awareness throughout the SLV of the critical role that our local Water District plays in providing us with safe and reliable access to water. The upcoming November election offers four qualified candidates to fill two Board of Director seats for the SLV Water District. All four candidates are fully capable of serving our community, but there are important differences between them that can’t be discerned purely by looking at campaign signs.

Opinion, October 2nd

Voting for SLVWD New Board Candidate