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August 11, 2022

Setting the Record Straight

Bruce McPherson
Recent information circulating in our community regarding both rail lines within Santa Cruz County has caused quite a stir. As many members of the public are aware, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) owns the rail corridor stretching from Watsonville to north...

What’s In Store For 2022?

Every year, we tend to reflect on how the year went at the end of the year. We look forward with great hope to the New Year. In business, reflection is a must. Each month, I write about one local business in our Valley...

Finishing a Tough Year Strong

Bruce McPherson
Because this past year has been a very busy one for District 5, it is not at all surprising that we will end 2021 with a great deal of activity. Let’s start with the County’s ongoing response to Covid-19, which continues to be a...

Time to Shop Local

Janet Janssen
Three weeks ago, I decided to jump-start my holiday shopping. As a Felton resident, my grocery shopping, banking, auto repair, self-care and gift shopping is local. And on Sunday night a tradition, a chicken burrito for my husband and my vegetarian plate at Taqueria...

Removing Barriers for CZU Survivors

Santa Cruz County
Recently, the County won approval from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to make it easier for survivors of the CZU Fire to get started on an important aspect of rebuilding their homes. Rather than going to the Regional Water Board for approval...

Is Fall Your Favorite Season?

jan nelson
The end of daylight savings time signals to me that autumn is really here in our mild California surroundings. Enjoy these crisp mornings and warm days and to make your garden more compelling try mixing in late-flowering perennials as well as trees and shrubs...

Our Community Must Remain Vigilant

Bruce McPherson
Winter weather has begun, even if the official start to winter is still weeks away. And while we desperately need the rain, we must be on guard for the dangers it can present. The large storm that drenched Santa Cruz County on the evening of...

Empowering Healing Hands

empowering hands
Massage therapy dates back as far as 3000 BCE in India, where this ancient sacred healing system migrated to China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. Then, Japan did its twist, known as Shiatsu; the Greeks and Romans added herbs and oils. Hippocrates, the Father of...

The Halloween Garden

the mountain gardener
Halloween is just around the corner and besides deciding what you or the kids are going to be this year, it’s time to bring in any plants that you plan to overwinter in the house. Whether they're the houseplants that you put out on...

There’s an Ornamental Grass for Every Garden

The Mountain Gardener
One of the most dramatic sights in a garden is an ornamental grass backlit by late afternoon sun. They seem to come alive as their tawny flowers spikes glow and sway in the breeze. Their gentle movement and soft whispering sounds can bring your...



Ukrainian Festival Supports Refugees Through Cultural Education

On Tuesday, Morgan Hill-based woodworking business California Craft House had to pull out of Sunday’s fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees set to be held in...