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January 19, 2021

Opinion April 17th

Do you need Personal Protective Equipment for protection from Coronavirus? Are you making masks, face shields or other protective equipment? Get what you need, or share what you make with those who need it. Visit our local Coordination Hubs for personal protective gear.

Opinion March 27th

I'm not sure why epidemiologists decided to use the phrase "social distancing" to refer to "the conscious effort to

Opinion March 20, 2020

The Corona Virus will go pandemic. Not maybe but will. The U.S. has around 30 million people over 60-69 years of age. Mortality so far is 3.6% for this group. That means over 1 million Americans in this group would be expected to die. In the 50-59 group we can expect over 500,000 deaths. For those older the numbers are much worse. Hospitals will be overwhelmed. The economy at minimum goes into recession and possibly a depression. We should have hand cleaners required at every public entrance. Masks and gloves should be manufactured in the 10's of millions and mailed to every home address to use in public when around others. Test kits should be developed in the millions. Drug companies should be subsided to develop a free vaccine. Congress spends 700 billion on military "defense." How about spending some real money on some a real defense of this country? Please call your local representative and voice your concern. This is the most serious immediate problem we face.

Opinion February 28th

We support Measure S for our local schools! The Valley Women’s Club is a long-standing civic organization based in the SLV with goals of community action, awareness and leadership in environmental, educational, social, and political concerns that affect the health and welfare of the San Lorenzo Valley and our community.

Opinion February 21st

 I am writing to express my full support for Jack Gordon, who is running for Judge. My family and I are long time Watsonville residents, and have known Jack for many years. Personally, I have served with him on the Santa Cruz County Civil Service Commission. I have seen his intelligence, consideration and focused reasoning in different administrative and employment law matters. In each and every situation, Jack has brought his best effort to our Commission work, understanding and appreciating the impact our decisions have in people’s lives and in their workplace. He is an exceptional listener, compassionate, strong communicator and respectful colleague.  I am certain that Jack Gordon would be a terrific Judge, who would engage with fairness and dignity in his duties, and I urge you to support him with your vote. Go to www.jackgordonforjudge.com

Opinion February 14, 2020

Scotts Valley is a wonderful town.  There are so many reasons why all of us live here and I’m certain that safety is on everyone’s list.  Unfortunately, our great police department is challenged with higher wages offered elsewhere that makes it difficult for them to retain good talent right here.  Plus, it’s difficult for an officer to afford to live here.   We need to come up with several solutions to remedy what the city council calls a budget crisis. 

Opinion, January 31st 2020


Speak Now Regarding SERFR BSR Flight Paths

If you were not bothered by airplane noise around February 2018, the rest of this letter may seem irrelevant. Noise report counts compiled by SFO showed a clear spike from residents in SLV and the western part of the county at that time. Noise complaints from Felton jumped from 698 in January to 4300 in February 2018 and from 168 to 1395 in Boulder Creek. For the month of February, the airport flagged the city of Santa