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June 11, 2021

Covid-19 at center of SVHS grads’ memories of roller coaster year

Whether it was the wildfires that delayed the start of the school year by two weeks, or the fact that most students until the...

Scotts Valley schools halt flag-raisings, will establish policy

When Ashley Perlitch learned the Scotts Valley Unified School District would raise the rainbow flag in May to honor Harvey Milk—the first openly gay...

Return to form: Agape Dance comes to Scotts Valley

The music rises, and the worn, bare wooden floor is suddenly barraged with dancers in leotards, tights and leg warmers. Their skirts twirl and...

Scotts Valley delays tourism district deal

What appeared to be a smooth path through the picturesque Scotts Valley hills for Visit Santa Cruz County turned out to be a rocky...

Consultant: Town Center will need more homes to succeed

SCOTTS VALLEY—Scotts Valley elected officials listened with rapt attention as influential urban planner Bob Gibbs gave them “a really short version of my Harvard...

From F’s to straight A’s: Grad made the grade while discovering self

When Scotts Valley High School grad Alissa Anderson, 18, started out as a freshman, she fit right in with the cheerleading team and the...


scotts valley school bell roger snyder
By the time you read this, your Scotts Valley schools will be educating our students on campus once more. Thanks to a significant effort from our teachers, principals, staff, Assistant Superintendent Michelle Stewart and Superintendent Tanya Krause, our district was the first in the county to bring all grades...

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