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April 16, 2021

Valley residents ponder potential impacts of new statewide Fire-Safe Regs

From the red sign with twin suns beaming their gratitude toward hand-painted white letters spelling “THANKS FIREFIGHTERS” by a fire-survivors camp in Davenport, to...

San Lorenzo Valley Museum’s spring auction moves online

For all the historical icons in the San Lorenzo Valley (hello, Roaring Camp, Henry Cowell and Covered Bridge Park), there are some that seemingly...

Johnson & Johnson’s ‘pause’ not expected to slow county’s distribution

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Though the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be delayed for an undetermined amount of time, the pause of the...

Scotts Valley Art, Wine and Beer Festival returns in August

Danny Reber has a lot on his plate. As the Executive Director of the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce, Reber oversees a variety of...

From the ashes: How rebirth of CZU burn zone will explain post-fire ecosystems

The scorched earth left behind by the CZU Lightning Complex fires won’t stay barren for long. That’s according to Amy Patten, who manages the Rare...

Scotts Valley City Council to consider raising wastewater rates

Scotts Valley residents could see an increase in wastewater rates as the city looks to fund improvements to its collection and treatment system. The last...


scotts valley school bell roger snyder
By the time you read this, your Scotts Valley schools will be educating our students on campus once more. Thanks to a significant effort from our teachers, principals, staff, Assistant Superintendent Michelle Stewart and Superintendent Tanya Krause, our district was the first in the county to bring all grades...

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